This poem is an excellent example of enjambment: One would think that this small sample would be a typical love poem, but there is a better description-tragedy. The first two optomistic lines provide a visual metaphor for the companionship of two lovers: Hook-in-eye is the link between two sides of a shirt... or skirt... or pair of pants.... (or so one would think) . But, Atwood is speaking litterally about this metaphor...She REALLY means a fishing hook being stuck into someone"s eyeball! Come on, who doesn"t want to say that to their ex-boyfriend? ?

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I agree with your interpretation of the poem, but, for the sake of accuracy, I need to correct your identification of rhetorical devices: there is no enjambment in this poem. The repetition of the same words at the beginning of a verse is called anaphora and that"s what happens here. As for the double meaning that"s used to serve the punchline in the second couplet, that"s another figure of repetition called antanaclasis.

Duality? Seems to be all bad, in Atwood"s eyes. Nothing pleasant about a fish hook in an open eye, haha.

To is sin for sin will lead u into temptations that will leave u empty fish hook in the eye.. Want it taste it lead to pain. Distrust. Shame.

I really liked the poem very succinct and definitive. It doesn"t leave much room for interpretation.Makes me think of The Handmaids Tale.

Here she goes again, unable to enjoy normal sexual relations, everything between men and women is a rape which must be overcome

A 10 Topscore for this entertaining poem. CONGRATULATIONS for being chosen as The Modern Poem Of The DayHurray! I have enjoyed much this brevity. Not to exaggerate: I like very much reading all your poems, so very entertaining and a for my ears and eyes, Mrs. Atwood. God"s Blessings.

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