The membrane that holds the coils of small intestine together Mesentery
This organ is found under the liver and stores bile Gall Blagger
What are the three lobes of the liver called? Right, Left Anterior, and Left Posterior
The organ that is the first major site of chemical disgestion Stomach
Eggs, sperm, urine and wastes all empty into this structure.

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The small intestine leads to this Large Intestine
The esophagus leads to this. Stomach
Yellowish structures that serve as an energy reserve Fat body
The first part of the small intestine (straight part) Duodenum
After food passes through the stomach it enters the Small Intestine
A spiderweb like membrane that covers the organs. Peritoneum
Regulates the exit of partially digested food from the stomach Pyloric Sphincter Valve
The large intestine leads to this Cloaca
Organ found within the mesentery that stores blood Spleen
The largest organ in the body cavity Liver

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