Paradise-a legend, a myth, and a hopeless dream in a world that has become a wasteland. It is not meant for everyone, only the wolves thought to be extinct yet still roam the lands. When the Flower Maiden awakens, the path to the end will open. Kiba and his newly formed pack must travel the Earth, facing unknown dangers, to find the door to Paradise.

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The world is in shambles, unfit for living. Is there a paradise out there-an escape from the cold shell the world has become? The wolves begin to gather as the Flower Maiden awakens, and the journey for paradise soon begins

Paradise is out there, and the Flower Maiden is the key. To get her, Kiba and Hige must find a way back into the facility they just escaped. But will they get to her first? Elsewhere, young Toboe tries to fit in with humans but can’t help his wolf nature

Cheza is taken without any trail to follow. Kiba and Hige decide to take their search outside of town but run into Toboe, saving him from a troublesome situation. Toboe joins up with them on the journey to Paradise and implores Tsume to come with them.

The new pack travels across the harsh terrain, their destination still undetermined. Tempers flare, and Tsume wanders away from the pack. Toboe goes to find him, but the land they’ve stumbled upon presents more danger than they ever thought possible

After traveling for days on end, Kiba picks up the faint scent of Lunar Flowers. Where it leads them is not a Paradise, but just another broken city filled with wolves who have given up on Paradise. What cruel reality awaits them in this forsaken town?
With Kiba injured, the pack cannot move on. While on the hunt for food, Hige is caught in a trap and taken away. Can the rest of the pack get to him in time, or will Zali’s pack keep them from rescuing their friend?
The door to Paradise leads the pack to a forest. As they wander, the sky lights up with an airship battle. Something leads Kiba in their direction-the same thing that’s been pulling him on this journey: his instinct. Has it finally led him to Cheza?
A sweet song followed by sweet dreams. The pack has a proper sleep since their journey began. But when the day starts again, they must find a way to get back on their trek and protect Cheza. But who is that strange figure following them?
The pack investigates the town for a way out, but it is swarmed with those looking for them. As they search, Cheza encounters Blue and tells her she has wolf in her. Though true to her master, Blue takes off when she is attacked by a guard.
The pack takes their trek through the Forest of Death, a place feared by the humans. As they wander hungry and tired, Hige and Tsume go after a mysterious owl. But will this talking avian lead them out or lead them astray?
The night of the full moon is here. The pack is trembling with energy and excitement. Elsewhere, Darcia prepares to come for Cheza with Cher in his captivity. So much danger coming and yet the moon rises. Will it be Cheza’s doom or the key to paradise?
Darcia has Cheza once again, and the pack is left beaten under the full moon. But not everything goes Darcia’s way when he returns to his castle. The pack takes time to heal, unaware of the storm brewing on the horizon, and encounters a familiar face.
With Blue joining them, the pack heads to Darcia’s castle in hopes of getting Cheza back. Not far behind them, Hubb and Quent make their way to the town, seeking out Cher.
The snow falls harshly around them, the cold taking its toll. Kiba wants to forge ahead-unable to see anything other than Cheza waiting for him-and leaves the pack behind as they rest. What danger lurks in the deteriorating castle?
Hubb reflects on the journey he’s taken with Quent to find Cher and what inexplicable things he’s learned along the way.
The pack can’t find Kiba and struggle to decide whether to stop the journey completely-until they run into a tribe that believes in and protects wolves. Elsewhere, Kiba wakes up in a beautiful oasis and meets a strange girl. Is this Paradise?
The pack begins to travel to the Desert of Bones in hopes of finding Kiba, but Toboe decides he’d rather stay with Iyek’s tribe. When soldiers attack, Tsume and Hige stumble upon Kiba who is paralyzed with his spirit trapped in a paradise illusion.
The pack begins to travel to the Desert of Bones in hopes of finding Kiba, but Toboe decides he’d rather stay with Iyek’s tribe. When soldiers attack, Tsume and Hige stumble upon Kiba who is paralyzed with his spirit trapped in a paradise illusion.

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Cher and Blue set off to find Cheza and Hubb while the pack heads in the same direction. The journey to Jaguara’s keep is harsh and hazardous as they travel across frozen waters. But something much more dangerous awaits them under the ice…
The pack splits up and searches for a way into Jaguara’s keep. Hige seems to have a keen sense of where to go and what’s around the area. But is there more to it than just a sense?
Danger lingers in the air of Jaguara’s keep and everyone is on their guard. Something is off with this city and people. Toboe searches for Hige who struggles with mixed memories-has he been here before? Blue learns the truth about her and Quent’s home.
Hige’s past comes to light, and it’s not pretty. Tsume is locked up with Hubb and the old wolf woman, and Toboe soon joins them. It’s up to Kiba to find Cheza-but will he be walking straight into Jaguara’s trap?