Windshield wipers are great for safe driving, as the rubber wiper blade moves across the windscreen, taking out dust, moisture, and films of ice. Thus, it ensures that drivers get a clear vision while they drive. Do you find your windshield wipers not returning to rest position? There are a few reasons behind such, and you can get them fixed to make them functional.

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Why are my windshield wipers not working? Car owners often get affected with their windshield wiper not working correctly. Supposing you are driving on a rainy day with some friends, and you turn on the wiper blade to get the windshield clear, but it gets jammed, that would be one troubling situation. Nevertheless, there are good reasons why your windshield wipers stop in up position and there are tips to fix them as well.

Windshield Wipers Not Returning Rest Position: What’re the Reasons?

As you drive, you need to see through the windshield clearly to ensure your safety and that of your passengers. Thus, it is recommendable to clean the windshield to get out of any obstruction. However, you need the wiper blade to keep the outside windshield clean while you drive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do my wiper blades stop in the up position?

When you find your wipers getting stuck in an upright position, you should try to check the metal tab that your car’s wiper transmission needs to catch on. Once the small metal tab gets bent, it stays out of place and causes the wipers to remain stuck at varying positions. Nevertheless, you have to get it fixed to ensure your car’s wipers start functioning right.

It would help if you access the wiper transmission, and you can get started by getting the car’s hood opened. Then, remove all those things you find covering the wiper transmission. Continue by using a harmer and a flathead screwdriver to get the small tab knocked into place.

How do I get my wiper’s park position to reset?

Incorrect calibration of your windshield’s wiper position would cause the blades to have a wrong orientation, making them stop even in the middle of your windshield. Such action may be attributed to the wipers loosening up after some time or due to stress from clearing ice films or other particles.

If you notice that your wiper motor won’t return to the park, you have to push the windshield’s wiper linkage to the motor. You have to get the hood opened and remove the plastic cover below the windshield to access the wiper blade connection.

How do I fix my windshield wiper alignment?

There are often lines on the windscreen of most cars that tells where the wipers should park. If you find your windshield wipers not resting at that point, there may be a need for a realignment. Start by getting the hood opened and remove the wiper arm at the lower area of the windscreen.

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As you unscrew the wiper arm, position it at the right point – the line you find. Then, screw the wiper arm back and test the wiper by turning the knob on and off to see where it lies. Hopefully, the wipers should be in the correct position.