What does it mean when a ferret lick you?

Obviously being an animal ferret also doesn’t have the lingual capabilities that humans have. But they have approaches to communicate with you in different ways. If you are petting a ferret you should have learned the sounds and movements of the ferret to know him well what he wants. Many times people are unable to understand what the ferret wants to grab their attention. Let’s know what does it mean when a ferret licks you.

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You can understand your pet when you learn its habits and way of communication. As your ferret might lick you because of the lotion you are using on your hands or face.

Or maybe it is the way to show affection to you. Kissing you and licking you or maybe trying to groom you just it does to himself. The other reason for licking you to leave him that time or a ferret may bite you after licking you.

What does it mean when a ferret lick you?

Each animal has different habits and some have licking habits to groom themselves like cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets. So if your ferret licks you then it may have many meanings like:

The purpose of licking may be to groom you.It may be the taste of lotion you are wearing on or your salty skin as they love salts.It may be the plan of lick-lick-chomp means biting you.

You cannot predict the animal’s behavior it can be aggressive any time without letting you know. Rather your pet is fully trained and adorable. According to your calling its name or stopping him from doing anything wrong. But you never know this lick-lick-chomp behavior can be dangerous for you as if it bites you.

Moreover, if it licks you twice or thrice and trying to warn you. To let me go down and you are not leaving him it will bite you at last for being ignored.

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Reasons for a ferret’s licking you

There could be many reasons behind licking and kissing a ferret to humans. But we can assume these logics on the basis of experiments:

Glad to see you

Most of the time when you enter your home your kid runs to you to cuddle you as it is their sole affection they show to you love. Just the way when you are having any pets.

It’s natural that when you get back home. They run to you and roll down in your feet or jump over you to cuddle in your arms.

Ferret kisses

When ferret kisses your hands, lips, ears, cheeks, arms, and face. They show their happiness to see you while depending on the mood. These kisses sometimes covert into biting.

You’re dirty

Ferrets have a habit to groom themselves by licking each other and also licks you (eyebrows, arms, legs, and neck). As they think you too are dirty and needed to groom or because they love you.

Look at me

Sometimes licking means grabbing your attention. If your ferret comes to you. Also start licking your feet and try to jump, scratch, or even nip at his foot for a reaction. As he would love to be picked up by you or at least to grab your attention.

Play with me

Ferrets are playful and would love to play with you. When they see you around, they plea for your attention and show happiness when you are around.

Oh, I’ll help

Ferrets are a great explorer and interested in everything you do. They try to participate in whatever it is that you are doing. Keep them busy with your work.

You will be my couch

When your buddy looks for you around while you are watching TV. He will climb up the couch and cuddle in your arm or nap in your lap or do something you are doing.

Younger ferrets cannot stay still in one place. Until they fell in deep sleep. As they are dead sleepers and sleep for 14 hours a day.

Follow the leader

These little kits are amazing and follow you around the house. Wherever you go he will follow you and take his part in the activity you are doing. Even if you are pacing back and forth.

Causes for ferret’s licking itself

This is why ferret lick themselves these are certain reasons for licking each other as well.


Ferrets need care but you cannot all the time groom the ferret or kept him encaged. When they wander about here and there they receive dirt in their fur coat like infested with fleas.

These fleas cause them itch-scratch mostly around the shoulders. As they are more visible there. These fleas also found in the thinning area of hairs. Which become red patched you should have treatment for this.

You can eliminate fleas by using a ferret shampoo and bathe your ferret though not frequently. As the water makes the ferret’s skin dry and important oil removal.

If the skin will dry so it will produce more oils to fill the gap and the ferret will feel worse than before. You should consult your vet in this case for the treatment of fleas.


Being young and little. It is easier to take care of your pet. Which develops allergies when they come in contact with some particular substance. It may be because of the age or the food you are providing them can be itchy and the lick to clear that itching area.

But fortunately, this allergic thing is less in ferrets than the dogs and cats.

Ferrets have abnormalities from time to time like they feel allergy to the food. Sometimes which causes the entire body itching and you will find them licking all the time in the cage.

It may be assumed that the cat food contains dues and soya beans. Which are known as allergic to the cat may be also harmful to the ferrets.

Ferrets are sensitive in nature. Can feel allergy from the carpet your household and the rugs around the home can cause allergy in ferret’s hands or body. They can capture mites and nits from the carpets and get infected. Because of hypersensitivity nature and not treated well with the medicine. Just eliminate the things from the ferret’s approach which causes him allergy.

Irritation from shampoo

Sometimes people think that if they shampoo the ferret it will be clean and clear, not at all. The hard shampoo can make the skin dry and itchy.

So always try to bathe them once a week. Or you can use mild shampoos to wash the fur of the buddy or oatmeal shampoo followed by a cream rinse. You should have purchased specially designed shampoo for ferrets. Which have a mild and soft touch to leave their hairs squeaky clean.


Just like a human when we eat something that doesn’t suit us. Which causes allergies to our face or body like itching or rashes. This also happens with the ferrets. When you feed them a poor quality diet which ends up lusterless, dry coats, and itchy skin.

You better take care of your pet with a supplement in this situation like linoleic acid. At least for a week and immediately change the ferret’s diet and be careful next time. You shouldn’t compromise with the food of the ferret and should feed him good quality food.


Well, the pet ferrets usually stay indoors and shouldn’t wander outside the house. Even in the yard or unsupervised. As far as they come into contact with the managed dogs can be affected with sarcoptic mange. Which firstly diversely affects the legs of a ferret.

Then leads to redrawing weeping areas though it’s rare in the ferrets to get that disease. Due to which they do not stay outdoors. But if they have such type of severe itching that causes redness of the skin. Then you should rush to the vet in no time.

And give your ferret proper medication. As prescribed by the vet to take care of your ferret and keeping him healthy and safe.


All the reasons and causes in the article explained that the ferrets have licking habits like many other animals. No wonder it can be good for you or the result of some sickness.

Be careful about your pet’s diet, cleanliness of its home, and your home will keep him away from mites and nits or fleas.

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