Just curious. I thought about it today and couldn't recall if we ever found that out. Is there any significance behind it?


Didn't Terranort just call him self Xehanort? In Kingdom Hearts II we find out that Xehanort's heartless is the one that went around calling him self Ansem and his Nobody was Xehanort. See, this is where Square makes it one big mind-fuck. Terranort is actually Master Xehanort combined with Terra's young body. So there was a point in time where that combination (Terranort) turned into a heartless (KH1 boss) and a Nobody (KH2 boss). Now, does the Nobody have Master Xehanort's memories? And what the hell happened to Terra during all this? Who's body is he trapped in? The Heartless or the Nobody? (I haven't played KH:DDD so I might have missed something. No spoilers please lol. I somewhat know what happens. Something about Master Xehanort somehow coming back.)

It's implied that Terra (or at least his memory) is in Xemnas. There's that scene from KH II's Final Mix showing Xemnas going down below Radiant Garden's castle to sit and talk to Aqua's armor.

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He called himself Xehanort for a while because it was the only word he could remember upon waking up in Radiant Garden. Then, I believe it's one of the opening scenes of DDD that throws you a bit of a curveball as to what's going on. I'll avoid further spoilers, just give you something to look forward to.

the time that he split into nobody and heartless was when every other main organization member changed. It was the experiment gone wrong when Ansem the wise's assistants tried to unlock the secrets of the heart and darkness after xehanort (terranort) joined.

Aside from greed? The guy's already taken someone's body, wanted to make someone else a keyblade, throughout the series tries to take two other people's bodies, as well as trying to start a whole group of potential hosts.

My guess, though? He was pissed that Ansem wouldn't condone his experiments, and stole his name as he exiled him, to show that he could do better than his old boss.

If I had to guess, Terranort's heartless took on the name Ansem because he became so enthralled with the study of the heart (just like the real Ansem before he quit his studies). I think it was just a mental thing for Terranort's heartless.

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As an addition to the other comments, according to the novels (which aren't necessarily canon, but large parts of them are plausible), "the name Xehanort was all that was left of Terra's lost memories."

So basically the suggestion is that apprentice-Xehanort is pretty much just Terra without memories, and Braig, as half a Xehanort, filled him on things (as seen in Blank Points) and that's what led to the experiments.


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