Chan Buddhism caught the attentionof the twelfth- and thirteenth-century Japanese Daimyos and greatly appealed tothem because it presented the possibility of immediate enlightenment. At thattime, the Daimyōs were the most powerful feudal rulers in Japan, second only tothe Shōgun.

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congress failed to remove johnson. but it did succeed in getting control of efforts to re-build the south following america"s civil war. radical republicans wanted to punish the south for starting the war. they also wanted to be sure new governments in the southern states would support the republican party.

“i think it is very plausible that if there are five votes to end the death penalty, it could be with the people who are on the court right now,” - smith

so basically it is not clearly and consistently imposed




According to article ii, what power is shared by the president and the senate? court judgement of constitutional issues approving or vetoing legislation raising funds for the executive branch declarations of war
Which of these statements describes a long-term impact of european imperialism in africa? a. african countries joined together to present a united front against imperialism. b. europeans paid african countries after colonizing them, offering these new countries a fresh start. c. european powers drew the current borders, splitting ethnic groups among modern countries. d. africans became more loyal to their countries than to their ethnic groups.
The neolithic revolution was a turning point in history because (1) factories began to use assembly-line techniques (2) new inventions led to overseas explo...
How has india been able to experience rapid economic growth since 1991 despite poor education and healthcare system?...
What causes an electric charge? question 1 options: the movement of electrons due to a difference in electric potential energy the movement of protons due to a...
Andrew has a collection of soda bottles. some of them are 12 ounce bottles, and others are 16 ounce bottles. if the collection contains 20 bottles, which hold a combined 300 ounces...

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