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I know this HAS to be beating a dead horse-but i"ve got the ole po153 error code. Figured what the heck, it"s came on and off ever since I"ve had the car.So Bank 2 sensor 1, right?which side is bank 2 on? here is a taurus car club post that says it"s on the far side (close to the firewall)and here is an post that says bank 2 is actually closest to the front of the car, and that bank 1 is always with the side with #1 piston. It may be a dunce question. I"ve already yanked the o2 sensor out on the back side of the engine after a lot of FUN. According to that second article, I"ve just yanked the o2 sensor in bank 1, complete opposite.I"m frazzled. Someone gimme some advice. And some potentially controlled substances.

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