-What of the following are TRUE of the Calvin Cycle or light independent reactions of photosynthesis.

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A) pathway that produces simple sugar

B) pathway that requires carbon dioxide, ATP, and NADPH

C) water is split and oxygen is released in the air as by-product.

D) pathway that occurs in the fluid filled stroma of the chloroplasts.

-plants have evolved to harness just one small part of the sun"s energy for photosynthesis. which is it?

A) gamma rays

B) radiowaves

C) UV light

D) heat

E) visible light

-enzymes have a groove with unique shape where a specific reactants fit and bonds are broken and/or reformed to produce new products. this spot where a reaction accurs is called the:

A) substrate

B) active site

C) hot spot

D) allosteric site

A researcher uses a radioactively-labeled carbon dioxide molecule to evaluate photosynthetic rate. In her experiments, the researcher finds adequate consumption of water, generation of oxygen and NADPH production, but no change in plant mass. What is most likely the dysfunctional system in the plant (PI, PII, Calvin Cycle, ATP generation)? Explain in detail why it is one as opposed to the others.


ENERGENTICS OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS (6 pts): One of the common sugars that plants produce is sucrose (12-carbon sugar). The chemical bonds in sucrose contain 5643 kJ of energy. We know from Web Topic 8.4 that the Calvin-Benson Cycle uses about 3648 kJ of energy for every six carbons fixed.

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What proportion of the energy fixed is converted to energy in the bonds of sugar? This gives us an idea of how efficient the Calvin-Benson Cycle is (2 pts).

Nine moles of photons are used to fix 2 NADPH and 3 ATP. How many moles of photons are required to supply the necessary products to supply enough of these molecules to allow for the production on sucrose (3 pts)?



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