a localized weak spot or balloon like enlargement of the wall of an artery.

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anginasevere episodes of spasmodic choking or suffocating chest pain caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.
antiarrhythmicmedication administered to control irregularities of the heart beat.
anticoagulantmedication administered to slow blood clotting and to prevent new clots from forming.
antihypertensivemedication administered to lower high blood pressure.
arrhythmiairregularity or the loss of normal rhythm of the heart beat.
arteriosclerosisabnormal hardening of the walls of the arteries.
atherosclerosishardening and narrowing of arteries due to a buildup of cholesterol plaques.
bradycardiaabnormally slow heartbeat.
cardiac catheterizationplacement of a catheter through a vein or artery into the heart.
cholesterollipids that travel in the blood in packages called lipoproteins.
defibrillationthe use of an electrical shock to restore the heart's normal rhythm.
dyscrasiaany abnormal or pathologic condition of the blood.
electrocardiograma record of the electrical activity of the myocardium.
embolismblockage of a vessel by an embolus.
embolusa foreign object circulating in the blood.
endocarditisInflammation of the inner layer of the heart.
erythrocytesMature red blood cells.
FibrillationRapid, random, and ineffective contractions of the heart.
hemostasisTo control bleeding.
ischemiaDeficiency in blood supply due to either the constriction or the obstruction of a blood vessel.
leukocytesWhite blood cells that protect the body against harmful invaders such as bacteria.
myocardial infarctionOcclusion of a coronary artery resulting in an infarct of the affected myocardium; also known as a heart attack.
myocarditisinflammation of the myocardium.
palpitationA pounding or racing heart.
pericarditisInflammation of the pericardium.
phlebitisInflammation of a vein or veins
plaqueBuild up in the arteries and veins.
tachycardiaAn abnormally fast heartbeat.
thrombusA blood clot attached to the interior wall of a vein or artery.
triglyceridescombinations of fatty acids attached to glycerol that are also found normally in the blood in limited quantities.

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varicose veinsAbnormally swollen veins.