Caught some of Wizard of Oz on TV last night, and I wondered: Dorothy takes the yellow brick road that spirals out of MunchkinLand … but also in that spiral is a RED brick road (making up the other half of the spiral … else you wouldn’t be able to see that the yellow was a road, rather than just a circle).

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Where does the Red Brick Road lead?

It leads right back where it started. It takes a circle-like path.

Yeah, that’s New Jersey, all right.


“It’s easy… just take the red road, second left… wait a minute, where the hell did that house come from? Cripes, now you gotta take the yellow road. We haven’t used that one in years. Goes smack through the forest with all them cranky trees, it does. Good freakin’ luck, and don’t tell them we sent you.”

I’ve always assumed it headed north. That is the direction Glinda’s bubble heads off to as she leaves.

In case it wasn’t clear, Kel’s second answer was serious:

Most folks believe that ‘the red brick road’ is an L. Frank Baum book convention that made it into MGM’s 1939 classic film. In his books, the Land of Oz was divided into four quadrants and each was designated a particular color: Winkie Country = Yellow, Gillikin Country = Purple, Munchkin Country = Blue, and Quadling Country = Red. Glinda the Good was the ruler of the Quadlings in L. Frank Baum’s Oz series. As her bubble floats away from Munchkinland in the 1939 film, it appears to be following the red brick road. Therefore, the red brick road most likely leads back to her homeland, Quadling Country.

From Wizard of Oz Lore

Same place as the Yellow Brick Road. The Emerald City is just a stop.

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Goes to Rome.



Oh come on guys. It’s one of those analogy problems. She takes a YELLOW road to a GREEN city, so…

yellow : green :: red : ______

Remember that green = yellow + blue and that purple = red + blue. Hence, she’ll end up in a city where everything is purple. Purple purple purple. The implications of this are left as an exercise to the reader.