Its sort of hard to get a clear answer on this because temperatures are different every year obviously. Is there such a thing as too early? Some plants are beginning to pop up now. If it gets down to 30 degrees for a few hours in the middle of the night is it going to kill my baby grass or does it not work like that?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I think they say the fall or September is the best (grew about 20% on my lawn this past year), but I grew some in late April too. Trust me, my lawn (new home) had not been taken care of in over 5 years...still needs work.


Subscribed. I threw down 2-3" of topsoil over my backyard last year - decent sized area, pretty heavy shade. The results were less than impressive. I know how have basically a mudfield in my backyard.


They say that you can"t put it down too early. You can spread grass seed on snow if you want to. The trouble with spring seeding is that it"s incompatible with common pre-emergent crabgrass treatment so fall seeding has an advantage.



I agree with the Fall recommendations.....because of the fact that fertilizers with crabgrass pre-emergents in them will stop seed germination/growth. If you want to do small areas and stay clear of them with the pre-emergent, that has worked for me in filling in bare spots in the Spring. You could also just skip the pre-emergent treatment this year, and hope you don"t have a lot of crabgrass and hand pull it as it appears to keep it from forming a dense mat which will stunt/kill the new grass. I did that when we first moved in...was a lot of work but seemed to be successful.


Fall is definitely the best time to put it down. But if its imperative to get grass growing do it early in spring (like as soon as the snow is gone). Kentucky bluegrass takes about 4-6 weeks to germinate. Fine fescue comes up in 2-4 weeks. Once seed is down make sure it stays moist all day, or if your soil drains quickly, make sure you water it every day.

If you are lucky you can get a pre-emergent down in the first week of May and have it still be some what useful. Regardless plan on doing fall seeding unless you have overwhelming results with your spring seed. Also plan on plucking every crabgrass plant you see in June... Just one of those F"ers can produce hundreds of crabgrass seeds in your lawn.

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In my experience, the warmer the better for germination. Temps in the 40"s, 50"s don"t waste your time. People will tell you the Fall because weed germination is down which is true; but it doesn"t really matter as long as the temps are warm enough for the seed to germinate. Another tip is to look at the expiration dates on those bags of seed you buy. They do have expiration dates usually on the back of the bag towards the bottom.

What about creeping red fescue?

Creeping red fescue is a good shade grass. It usually germinates in 1 to 3 weeks.

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