The main difference between the Romanian and Czech revolutions is that the Romanian revolution was violent, and the Czech revolution was not. The Czech Revolution was known as the Velvet Revolution because it was a non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia.

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What happened in the Romanian revolution?

The Romanian Revolution started in the city of Timișoara and soon spread throughout the country, ultimately culminating in the show trial and execution of longtime Communist Party General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena, and the end of 42 years of Communist rule in Romania.

When was the Romanian revolution?

December 16, 1989 – Dece

Where do Romanian gypsy come from?

Roma (Gypsies) originated in the Punjab region of northern India as a nomadic people and entered Europe between the eighth and tenth centuries C.E. They were called “Gypsies” because Europeans mistakenly believed they came from Egypt. This minority is made up of distinct groups called “tribes” or “nations.”

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What percentage of Romania is Gypsy?


What race are Travellers?

Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are legally recognised as ethnic groups, and protected from discrimination by the Race Relations Act (1976, amended 2000) and the Human Rights Act (1998). In terms of health and education, they are one of the most deprived groups in the Britain.

What can I say instead of Gypsy?


What do you call a gypsy jazz?

Because its origins are in France, Reinhardt was from the Manouche (French Sinti) clan, and the style has remained popular amongst the Manouche gypsies, gypsy jazz is often called by the French name “jazz manouche”, or alternatively, “manouche jazz” in English language sources.

What is the politically correct term for Travellers?

The travelling community is a term used to describe people with a nomadic lifestyle, known usually as Gypsies and Travellers.

What does gypsy mean in UK?

The definition usually refers to those of Irish descent who follow a nomadic lifestyle. Often it is stretched to include Romany gypsies, who originate from parts of India, and New Age hippies. Many argue that it is their ethnic backgrounds that make them travellers or gypsies, not perpetual roving.

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What’s a Gorger Gypsy?

A gorger is a Romani word for a non-Romani person. A gorger is also a synonym for “glutton,” or someone who gorges on a great amount of food.

What is a Traveller in UK?

The term traveller refers to anyone who has a nomadic way of life. It can not only refer to Irish Travellers or Romany Gypsies, but also those who live on the road for economic reasons such as New Travellers or Showmen. Many Gypsy sites have been built near rubbish dumps, sewer works or industrial sites.

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What language do British Gypsy speak?

Angloromani language

Native speakersAngloromani words still used among some of the UK’s 100,000 Romanichal Travellers
Language familyMixed Romani–English
Language codes
ISO 639-3rme

How many Gypsies travel in the UK?

It is reported that there are around 300,000 Travellers in the UK and they are one of the most disadvantaged groups. The real population may be different as some members of the community do not participate in the census.