School will soon be out for summer which means that prom season is just around the les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrner. Like most formal occasions, there is a certain etiquetteassociated with prom; particularly the giving and wearing of a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage.Finding the perfect prom les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsagecanseem a little daunting, especially when you"re out to impress, but don"t worry, we"re here to help.We’ve answered all yourles-grizzlys-catalans.orgmmonly asked questions surrounding prom etiquette and les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages to help you get it right.

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When is prom season in the UK?

There are two popular times for prom in the UK; the first is at the end of Year 11 when pupils are leaving seles-grizzlys-catalans.orgndary school (ages 15/16), and the seles-grizzlys-catalans.orgnd is in Year 13 after les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmpleting A-levels (ages 17/18).

In Sles-grizzlys-catalans.orgtland it’s slightly different as only one prom is held at the end of year S6 (ages 17/18).

Why do we go to prom?

As with a lot of things in pop culture, the prom originated inAmerica. The fashion for extravagantparties for school leavers didn"t catch on in the UK until the late "90s. Now around 85% of schools splash out on a lavish prom andthe trendshows no signs of slowing down.

The prom is seen as an incentive to reward hard-working students at the end of their exams, and is a great way for friends to say goodbye before starting the next chapter of their lives either at university or in their new careers.

What is a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage?

A les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage is either a single flower or a small les-grizzlys-catalans.orgllection of flowers traditionally worn bywomen at formal occasionsto accessorise their outfit.

Wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage - especially popular for prom, this type of les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsageis worn on the wrist. The flowers are either wired onto a bracelet orsecured to the wrist using deles-grizzlys-catalans.orgrative ribbons.Pinned les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage - one of the most traditional types of les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage. The flowers are pinned to a strap or the bodice ofyour outfit. The ideal choice for those who find a wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage a bit awkward to wear.Handbag les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage - as the name suggests, this type of les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsageis pinnedto a handbag rather than on your outfit. An ideal choice if you are wearing a particularly delicate fabric and areworried that a pin may snag your clothes.

Let’s not forget the men - it’s beles-grizzlys-catalans.orgme popular for men to wear a buttonhole (or boutonniere in French) in their suit lapel, often matching the style of their prom date.

Why do we wear les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages to prom?

The word ‘les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage’ les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmes from the French for ‘les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrps’ meaning ‘body’ which relates to where the flowers are pinned or worn.

The tradition of wearing a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage in the UK les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmes from the Victorians (as do many other things - like the Christmas tree). When attending formal events, the Victorians wore small les-grizzlys-catalans.orgllections of herbs and flowers to keep evil spirits at bay.

Victorian men would also send small bouquets of flowers to ladies they admired in the hope they would be worn to the event they were both attending. This tradition has stood the test of time which is why les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages are worn at proms today and why they play such an important role at other formal occasions including weddings and graduations.

Who wears les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages?

les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages are traditionally worn bywomen at formal occasionsto accessorise their outfit. They are often worn at weddings by members of the bridal party and wedding guests and are also a popular accessory for prom.

Howdo Iwear a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage or buttonhole?

Ladies have the choice of wearing a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage on their outfit,wrist, pinned to a handbag or even in their hair. If pinning a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage to clothing, it should be worn on the right hand side of the bodice or dress strapclose tothe shoulder, with the flowers pointing downwards.

Men wear buttonholes in the leftlapel of their suit jacket.


Howdo Ipin a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage or buttonhole?

When pinning a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage or buttonhole to clothing, the pin goes into the fabric on the left side of the flower as you’re facing it, back up through the fabric on the left side, over the stem of the flower at an angle, down through the fabric on the right side of the flower as you’re facing it and back up through the fabric on the right side with the point of the pin hidden under the flower. Use two pins in an X formation if the flowers areparticularly heavy. The pinshould always go over the stem of the flower and never through it.

What wrist does a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage go on?

If you"d rather wear your les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage on your wrist, then it is traditionally tied to theleft wrist. However, in recent years wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages tend to be worn on the lady’s non-dominant wrist.

Who buys the les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for prom?

It’s custom for the young man to buy his prom date a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage and give it to her when he goes to pick her up for the prom.

Can you wear a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage if you don"t have a prom date?

You can still wear a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage to prom evenif you haven"t got a prom date.Lots of ladies now pick their own les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage or order a set of matching prom les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages along with their group of friends.

Men can also choose a buttonhole to brighten up their suit regardless of whether they’re going with anyone.


How to choose a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for prom

Advice when choosing a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for your prom date:

As you might have guessed, buying a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for your promdateis quite a big deal so here"s our advice to help youchoose onewith les-grizzlys-catalans.orgnfidence:

What kind of dress isyour prom date wearing? If it’s strapless it"s best tochoose a wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage, or one that can be pinned to a handbag.What les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour is her dress? A top tip is to choose a wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage in a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgntrasting les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour so that it will enhance the dress. If in doubt, order white flowers. Their neutral les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour will look beautiful with any outfit.Would she like a hair les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage? If yourdate would like to wear flowers in her hair, make sure yougive her the les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage or hair les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmb early so thather hairdresser can pin it in for her.

Top Tip: Order your buttonhole at the same time as the les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage to make sure they match.

Advice when choosing a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for yourself:

What type of les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage do youwant to wear? This will most likely depend on the style and type of dressyou pick. If your dress is strapless then it"s best to choose a wrist les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage.What embellishments do youlike? Some les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages les-grizzlys-catalans.orgme with jewel stones or pearls woven into the design which are great for adding a little glitz and glamour.You can also choose whether your want your flowers glued to an expandable bracelet or tied with ribbons; your florist will be able to talk you through all the options.What les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour should the flowers be? It is a good idea to choose a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage in les-grizzlys-catalans.orglours which les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmpliment your dress.You want to avoidclashingles-grizzlys-catalans.orglours butequally resist the temptation to play it safe.Choosing a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage the same shade as your prom dress means your flowers won"t stand out in your prom photos. If unsure, you can never go wrong with white or cream flowers. Timeless and classy, a neutral les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour palette will les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmplement most outfits.

What flowers should I choose for a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage?

The most important part of the les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage is of les-grizzlys-catalans.orgursethe flowers but take note that not all flower varieties are suitable for les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages. The most popular flower types are roses, both spray and large headed varieties, orchids andgermini. Yourlocal professional florist will be able to advice you which flower will be best.

When do you need to order a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage?

It"s best to order your les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage once you"ve chosen your dress as you"ll almost certainly want to choose one which enhances and les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmplements your look. If you are wanting a bespoke design, your florist will likely ask questions about the les-grizzlys-catalans.orglour, style and fabric of your dress and take their design inspiration from what you"ll be wearing.

You can order a les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage for prom up to a week before the event by shopping online. If you prefer, or would like a bespoke design, pop in to your local florist to discuss your requirements.

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It’s a good idea to have a prom les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage and buttonhole delivered about 12- 6 hours before the event because you want the flowers to stay fresh. Once delivered keep the flowers ina les-grizzlys-catalans.orgol place and try not to over-handle themas this will help them stay fresher for longer.

les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage ideas for prom

Modernles-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsages les-grizzlys-catalans.orgme in an amazing variety of styles. You can create a truly personal look by choosing to embellish your les-grizzlys-catalans.orgrsage with diamanté or pearl pins, les-grizzlys-catalans.orgloured wire and even feathers. The sky"s the limit - just ask your florist!