Aqua Afinity is one of many enchantments in Minecraft, but it can be confusing what this enchantment actually does for the player.

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What does Aqua Affinity Do?
Enchantments in Minecraft are a great way to power up the player"s character or gain some useful utility. Some of these enchantments give players a direct boost to their damage, while others might make it harder to break certain tools. Enchantments like Aqua Affinity instead provide a utility affect that can make the player"s life a lot easier in certain situations. Players that have found an item enchanted with Aqua Affinity or that see it as an option on their enchanting table might not know exactly what it does.

For starters, it"s important for Minecraft players to know how to get the Aqua Affinity enchantment. There are only three ways to do this in Minecraft currently: enchanting a helmet at the enchanting table, using an anvil and an enchanted book, or finding a villager that will trade an Aqua Affinity enchanted helmet. This is probably obvious by now, but this enchantment can only be applied to helmets.

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Regarding what the enchantment itself actually does, it is helpful for players that want to spend a lot of time building underwater. While a helmet with Aqua Affinity is equipped, the player"s speed of breaking blocks will not be reduced when they are underwater. Under normal circumstances, being underwater drastically increases the amount of time it takes to break blocks, but this helmet enchantment completely negates that effect. There are a lot of different times when something like this might come in handy.

Giant underwater structure Picture Credit: Haru
For players that love building in survival mode, Aqua Affinity is a must have when making something underwater. Since players have to keep track of their oxygen levels, being able to break blocks fast is vital to speeding up the building process. Even adventurers can get a lot of use out of this block, especially if they are wanting to explore an Underwater Monument. These structure are completely submerged in water, and players will often need to break blocks in order to find a way inside.

In order to have the best chance of getting Aqua Affinity for a helmet, players should make sure to surround their enchanting table with bookshelves. This will increase the level and quality of enchantments found, so it"s a good investment even outside of trying to get Aqua Affinity. This may be a fairly situational enchantment and it definitely won"t always come into play, but players won"t want to get caught without it when they"re underwater.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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