What is a unicorn baby called ? Many people ask this question. Baby unicorns are not common, so it is normal that people are not sure what to name the baby of the legendary equine animal. Baby unicorns are usually called "foals". Unicorns share many things with horses, so it is normal that their offspring share the same name.

So "foal" is an appropriate word for a unicorn"s cub. However, people have other names for them, because according to some, "foal" is a little too common and unimaginative. If you want to add a touch of magic, call them "spark" ❇️ for example ! There have been many stories and legends about unicorns, so it is logical that different names have appeared to refer to the legendary equine. This is especially true for the little ones : they are so adorable that language has difficulty expressing it !

1) Cute Unicorn Babies !

You don"t have to be a genius to know that baby unicorns are smaller than adults