Tips for Helping Your Kids with Loose Teeth

Every parent dreads their child going through the teething process and rejoices once it’s over. Yet teething happens twice: in a few years those baby teeth will start to fall out. How do you make sure your child is ready? The dentists of Total Care Dentalhave tips to help parents prepare their kids for loose and lost teeth.

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It is very important your children know losing baby teeth is completely normal. This process starts around 6 to 7 years old. Your child will be just old enough to understand what is happening but may need reassurances. Realizing a tooth is no longer secure may make them feel like they’ve done something wrong to “damage” their teeth. Let them know losing their teeth isn’t scary or painful.

Our family dentists are more than happy to help explain all this to your child. This can be done during their regular pediatric dentistry checkup and exam.

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

The Tooth Fairy is one fun way to get your kids excited about losing their baby teeth.

Create a special place by your child’s bed for their lost toothMake a fairy path with glitter to guide the Tooth Fairy to the missing toothDeliver a letter from the Tooth Fairy to your childTrack which teeth are lost with a paper diagram

What Happens if a Child Loses a Permanent Adult Tooth?

You will need to react differently if your child lost an adult tooth. Trauma from sports or athletic activities can knock out baby and adult teeth alike. Visit our dentists as soon as possible if an adult tooth was lost. There is a chance the tooth can be reinserted.

Follow these tips if your child just lost an adult tooth:

Recover the tooth. Only handle the crown as the root should not be touched.Gently rinse the tooth off with milk or sterile saline solution. Use water if nothing else is available.Reinsert the tooth into the empty socket and have your child hold the tooth in place by gently biting down on medical gauze or soft fabric. If this seems to work, still see a dentist or doctor ASAP.If reinsertion fails, protect the tooth in milk or saline solution. You may also leave the tooth in your child’s mouth between the cheek and gums.Go to a dentist or ER ASAP. The sooner your child sees a specialist, the better the chances of saving the tooth.

It is okay if your child doesn’t know where their lost tooth is. Our dentists have many replacement options like bridges and implants.

What to Do if a Child Swallows a Tooth

Don’t panic. While swallowing a tooth might be upsetting to your child it is not harmful. Keep them calm.

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If the tooth was a baby tooth you have nothing to worry about. However, you may have to get creative with the Tooth Fairy since there’s no tooth to put under the pillow.A lost and swallowed adult tooth is another matter. Since these teeth are larger they can get caught in your child’s intestinal tract. You might need to visit a doctor for an x-ray to ensure the tooth is not stuck and can pass naturally. You will also need to make an appointment with our dentists to determine how to best replace the tooth.Don’t attempt to force your child to regurgitate the tooth. This can cause unnecessary stress for your child. Simply wait for it to pass or see a doctor if the tooth has not passed within one week.

Make sure your child is ready for loose teeth and visit Total Care Dental!