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Helium0 kJ/molGadolinium50 kJ/molGold222.8 kJ/mol
Beryllium0 kJ/molTerbium50 kJ/molAstatine270.1 kJ/mol
Neon0 kJ/molDysprosium50 kJ/molIodine295.2 kJ/mol
Magnesium0 kJ/molHolmium50 kJ/molBromine324.6 kJ/mol
Argon0 kJ/molErbium50 kJ/molFluorine328 kJ/mol
Manganese0 kJ/molThulium50 kJ/molChlorine349 kJ/mol
Zinc0 kJ/molYtterbium50 kJ/molFranciumN/A
Krypton0 kJ/molLutetium50 kJ/molRadiumN/A
Cadmium0 kJ/molVanadium50.6 kJ/molActiniumN/A
Xenon0 kJ/molSodium52.8 kJ/molThoriumN/A
Hafnium0 kJ/molTechnetium53 kJ/molProtactiniumN/A
Mercury0 kJ/molPalladium53.7 kJ/molUraniumN/A
Radon0 kJ/molLithium59.6 kJ/molNeptuniumN/A
Calcium2.37 kJ/molCobalt63.7 kJ/molPlutoniumN/A
Strontium5.03 kJ/molChromium64.3 kJ/molAmericiumN/A
Nitrogen7 kJ/molPhosphorus71 kJ/molCuriumN/A
Titanium7.6 kJ/molMolybdenum71.9 kJ/molBerkeliumN/A
Barium13.95 kJ/molHydrogen72.8 kJ/molCaliforniumN/A
Rhenium14.5 kJ/molArsenic78 kJ/molEinsteiniumN/A
Iron15.7 kJ/molTungsten78.6 kJ/molFermiumN/A
Scandium18.1 kJ/molNiobium86.1 kJ/molMendeleviumN/A
Thallium19.2 kJ/molBismuth91.2 kJ/molNobeliumN/A
Boron26.7 kJ/molRuthenium101.3 kJ/molLawrenciumN/A
Gallium28.9 kJ/molAntimony103.2 kJ/molRutherfordiumN/A
Indium28.9 kJ/molOsmium106.1 kJ/molDubniumN/A
Yttrium29.6 kJ/molTin107.3 kJ/molSeaborgiumN/A
Tantalum31 kJ/molRhodium109.7 kJ/molBohriumN/A
Lead35.1 kJ/molNickel112 kJ/molHassiumN/A
Zirconium41.1 kJ/molCopper118.4 kJ/molMeitneriumN/A
Aluminum42.5 kJ/molGermanium119 kJ/molDarmstadtiumN/A
Cesium45.5 kJ/molSilver125.6 kJ/molRoentgeniumN/A
Rubidium46.9 kJ/molSilicon133.6 kJ/molCoperniciumN/A
Lanthanum48 kJ/molOxygen141 kJ/molNihoniumN/A
Potassium48.4 kJ/molIridium151 kJ/molFleroviumN/A
Cerium50 kJ/molCarbon153.9 kJ/molMoscoviumN/A
Praseodymium50 kJ/molPolonium183.3 kJ/molLivermoriumN/A
Neodymium50 kJ/molTellurium190.2 kJ/molTennessineN/A
Promethium50 kJ/molSelenium195 kJ/molOganessonN/A
Samarium50 kJ/molSulfur200 kJ/mol
Europium50 kJ/molPlatinum205.3 kJ/mol
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Abundance in Earth"s CrustDiscovery Year
Abundance in HumansElectrical Conductivity
Abundance in MeteoritesElectron Affinity
Abundance in the OceanElectron Configuration
Abundance in the SunElectronegativity
Abundance in the UniverseHalf Life
Atomic MassHeat of Fusion
Atomic NumberHeat of Vaporization
Atomic RadiusIonization Energies
Boiling PointMelting Point
Covalent RadiusSpecific Heat
Other Properties
Adiabatic IndexMohs Hardness
Allotrope NamesMolar Magnetic Susceptibility
Alternate NamesMolar Volume
BlockNeutron Cross Section
Brinell HardnessNeutron Mass Absorption
Bulk ModulusNFPA Label
CAS NumberPeriod
CID NumberPhase
ColorPoisson Ratio
Critical PressureQuantum Numbers
Critical TemperatureRadioactive
Crystal StructureRefractive Index
Curie PointResistivity
Decay ModeRTECS Number
DOT Hazard ClassSeries
DOT NumbersShear Modulus
Electrical TypeSpace Group Name
Gas Atomic MultiplicitiesSpace Group Number
GroupSpeed of Sound
Isotope AbundancesSuperconducting Point
Isotopes (All Known)Symbol
Isotopes (Stable)Thermal Conductivity
Lattice AnglesThermal Expansion
Lattice ConstantsValence
LifetimeVan Der Waals Radius
Liquid DensityVickers Hardness
Magnetic TypeVolume Magnetic Susceptibility
Mass Magnetic SusceptibilityYoung Modulus