I understand (correct me if I"m wrong) that da is a short casual form of desu. But what does it mean in this phrase? or why it is used?

Tabeta bakari da.

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<食>たべたばかりだ。(Tabeta bakari da)I have just eaten.

食べたばかりなの?(Tabeta bakari nano?)Have you just eaten?

食べたばかりではない。(Tabeta bakari dewa nai)I have not just eaten.

There is a writing style named 論文調 that is for an essay in les-grizzlys-catalans.org,and the end of sentence is "da/dearu" meaning the assertion.It seems that any examples of the language textbooks use this style usually.That is a mechanical style at the opposite end of the polite style of expressions such a honorific language,and it is a kind of literary style.



ばかり【bakari】 is a 副助詞 (adverbial particle), which is derived from the 連用形 (-masu stem) of the verb はかる. But the particle (and 連用形 in general) behaves much like a noun. (Join to other noun-like words with の, make into a predicate by adding だ, etc.)

Now you essentially have a noun phrase 食べたばかり. To make a sentence out of this, you have to add だ・です (or だった・でした in the past tense).

This is the same as in

本だ。 hon da. is book.


As you said, “だ” is a colloquial form of “です,” a predicate meaning “is, am,” and "食べたばかりだ” means “I’ve finished meal just now.”

“だ” here functions as I am in the state of having finished meal just now.


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