I watch a spanish soap opera to help with my comprehension, it really works. I often hear a term "callate" or cayate" not sure of the spelling. it seems to mean stop it, or shut up or get out of here

usually in a very emotional context anybody know what it means

Very impressive that you were able to deduct the meaning just by watching the context in which is was used. Alhtough I wouldn't ever say 'callate' is 'get out of here' a lot of times is what people really are wishing ;) - bdclark0423, ENE 6, 2010
hahaha, look, I am from argentina, and "Callate" it's only like "Shut up" it does not means nothing like "get out of here" in any form! ;) - hatoichi, FEB 11, 2011

The verb callar is to be quiet. What they are saying is "callate" or "callete" which are imperative commands to be quiet. It"s the equivalent of "shut up" in English.

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Cállate comes from the verb callarse. You can also use the adjective callado to say someone is quiet or being quiet.

Es muy callado -- He"s a very quiet person

¿Por qué estás tan callada? -- Why are you so quiet?

You can also just say calla, which is a bit softer than cállate.

calla un momento or simply calla

Said in a normal or soft tone has the feeling of quiet, or at least that"s my understanding. I would only use it with friends.

¿Por qué no te callas? My favorite spanish quote. Juan Carlos of Spain towards Hugo Chavez. "why don"t you shut up?"

Es cállate no cayate, y es un poco grosero o informal decirlo, podrías decir también guarda silencio, es de más educación.

im a spanish native speaker...c u

shut up = ¡cállate!, ¡guarda silencio!, ¡silencio!get out of here= ¡lárgate!, ¡vete de aquí!, ¡sal de aquí!

If you tell it (¡cállate!) to your friends like a joke, it"s ok.

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true, well put for being new. welcome to the forum..and heck if you got Heidita's vote, you get mine. =) - DJ_Huero, ENE 7, 2010

I was watching this Argentinian TV series called Epitafios and the guy was kicking people out of his apartment, yelling "¡Váyanse!" which meant "get out, go"

cállate means to shut up. Just thought you"d like to know that get out of here is "salir de aquí" or like Hondurans say it "salga de aqui".

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Per the translater callate means shut up and cayate there isn"t a translation. Some el bruo or wizzard will appear with your answer youd be surprised

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