This particular writing is influenced (and very much influenced my own view) by the conversation between Nara Shikamaru and Sarutobi Asuma on the concept of “King” when playing shogi (japanese chess) and in our life. No, for religious smart-asses, I’m not talking about our Al-Malik (The King, God), but the King we humans need to see and start thinking about.

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In the conversation between Shikamaru and Asuma (no, I’m too lazy to describe their background to the readers who never read/watched Naruto before) when playing Shogi, Asuma describes Shikamaru as the Knight, the piece who can move skipping above other pieces in an “L” (similar to chess) that it can trap two pieces at one time, in reference to Shikamaru’s over 200 IQ intellect and his ninja skillset. But in describing himself, Asuma just pointed out he is just a sacrificial pawn, who is for sacrifice in the game to protect the “King”. He then asked Shikamaru, who in their village, best describes as a King? At that time, Shikamaru answers either the Hokage (village head) or the Daimyo (nation head), but Asuma just shrugs and says, he will understand when the time comes.

When Asuma dies fighting Hidan from Akatsuki, Shikamaru finally understands who is the true King after hearing his teachers final memento.

It was revealed later, who is the King, when Shikamaru is playing Shogi with his father, Nara Shikaku, who asked the same question, Shikamaru answers, “all the unborn child of Konoha”, before Shikaku beating Shikamaru in one move, before saying, “you’re not strong enough to protect the King”, smiling.

So, what does all unborn child here means?

It means all potential lives that will live in this village, city, nation, world and universe, in the coming future. Thus our aim in life is to protect that future, ensure the future is safe, peaceful and happy, to ensure that our future have better lives than us, to ensure we have done everything to make the world a better place for them to live.

This is a very futuristic way of seeing life, but we need to understand, for the future, we need to learn from our past, whether there is something absolutely we do not have to repeat, or an idea from the past that with modern setting is achievable, or inspired by knowledge of the past, we come out with a new philosophy so that the future will not be riddled with war and harmful conflicts.

After studying the past, we need to study the present and change the present, to ensure our present will lead towards a better future, not regressing but progress, and progress here does not mean cutting down all the trees, buying off lands for development, endangering rivers and seas, animals, plants, other humans, etc etc. The future should be an utopia or a conception of creating an utopia, not a dystopia. Even if for some an utopia is well, an utopia, but anything is achievable, as long as it is not 0% in chance.

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Especially Malaysia, we have to see the future as our “King” and ensure all of us work towards the betterment of our future. Work towards the betterment of our future for our worldly “King”, and our Al-Malik will reward us with the future we all aim for.