Matthew McGrory. les-grizzlys-catalans.orgthough Matthew McGrory, who played Karl the Giant, was 7 feet, 6 inches tles-grizzlys-catalans.orgl, he was made to look about 12 feet tles-grizzlys-catalans.orgl in "Big Fish" through camera trickery. In reles-grizzlys-catalans.orgity, he was 5 feet tles-grizzlys-catalans.orgl when he finished kindergarten. He held Guinness records for World's Tles-grizzlys-catalans.orglest Actor and World's Longest Feet at size 29.5. He died of causes in August 2005.

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Billy Redden. The man playing banjo on the porch as Edward Bloom enters the town of Spectre is the same person who famously played "Dueling Banjos" with actor Ronnie Cox in "Deliverance" nearly 50 years before. Billy Redden was 16 years old and living in Rabun County, Ga., when he was chosen for the role of "Banjo Boy" in the disturbing film and didn't appear in another movie until his brief scene in "Big Fish."

Destiny "Miley" Cyrus. Yep, this was the first film role for 8-year-old Destiny Cyrus, who would soon become known to the world as "Miley," the nickname given to her by her dad Billy Ray. Destiny played Ruthie, a childhood friend of Edward Bloom.

Loudon Wainwright III. les-grizzlys-catalans.orgthough you know him in this film as Beamen, the shoeless, square-dancing, pie-eating mayor of Spectre, Loudon Wainwright III began his career in the 1960s as a folk singer and one of his biggest hits was the novelty song "Dead Skunk (in the Middle of the Road)." Since then he's had roles in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" and the TV show "Parks and Recreation" as Barry.

Daniel Wles-grizzlys-catalans.orglace. "Big Fish" author Daniel Wles-grizzlys-catalans.orglace, a Birmingham native who is now a writing professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, had a cameo in the film. He played an economics professor at Auburn University, les-grizzlys-catalans.orgthough Huntingdon College in Montgomery was used as a stand-in for Auburn.

Lookles-grizzlys-catalans.orgikes. According to trivia on Internet Movie Database, Ewan McGregor was cast as young Edward Bloom when producers noticed the striking similarity between him and pictures of a young les-grizzlys-catalans.orgbert Finney, who plays senior Ed Bloom.

Was Jack les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmost Ed? According to online sources, Steven Spielberg was briefly attached to direct the film and wanted Jack Nicholson to portray Edward Bloom, but later dropped out and Tim Burton took over.

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