One Piece: The Worst Thing Every Straw Hat Has Done, Ranked By How Bad It Is One Piece"s Straw Hat Pirates may seem an ideal group, but they did their fair share of bad things. Who is the worst pirate of the Thousand Sunny?

The Straw Hat Pirates may seem like an ideal group, but they do have their bad history. They are pirates after all, and each of them, to an extent, has done something bad. Whether it"s to the Straw Hats or to the world at large, each member has some weight on their conscience.

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However, each sin is not done equally, and some are definitely worse than a few others. This list will be peeking into each one"s dirty closet and picking out the worst thing that each of them did. Follow along as this list ranks those snippets according to how bad they are. Who really is the worst pirate of the Thousand Sunny?

Brook is hardly the worst person on the Thousand Sunny. To be fair, he was hardly a bad person as a pirate. As a member and later captain of the Rumbar Pirates, Brook"s early goal in life was to simply use his music to spread joy and laughter to the world"s children. If it wasn"t for his group"s name, he probably wouldn"t even be known as a pirate.

However, he does have one weakness that is the bane of the One Piece world and the community, and it"s his constant hassling of women for their panties. While it"s far from being the worst thing in the series, it"s still an annoying trait that lost its luster long ago and, for some, never had it in the first place.

Despite the delay in his membership, Jinbe is the new meat of the Straw Hat Pirates, and he"s practically entering as the group"s only saint. His entire life has centered on helping his fellow fishmen. This has meant serving on King Neptune"s guard, traveling with the Sun Pirates, and, for this list, joining the Seven Warlords.

The Seven Warlords are the second arm of the World Government meant to fight fire with fire. The pirates that serve under them may receive amnesty for their crimes and even government protection, but they"re also required to follow the corrupted bidding of the system when requested. Though he joined the organization for Fishman Island"s sake, he"d give up the title when the Marines captured Ace, further watering down whatever wrongdoing he may have done for the organization.

Tony Tony Chopper is by far the most innocent person in the entire crew, and he"s not even a person. And while it"s hard to really condemn the talking reindeer for anything, that cure mug and naivete only make his worst sin more tragic. Dr. Hiluluk was the one person, human or reindeer, that accepted Chopper as one of his own and did his best to show the boy the wonders of medicine.

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However, Chopper didn"t take that easily to some of his lessons and didn"t recognize what a skull and crossbones meant before it was too late. He picked up and fed Dr. Hiluluk what he thought was a miracle mushroom but was actually in fact a very poisonous one. Even though Hiluluk was dying of an incurable disease and surrendered himself to gunfire, the mushroom soup probably didn"t do him any favors.

7 Roronoa Zoro: Destroyed A Pirate Ship

Roronoa Zoro is the crew"s most listless member; and as someone who hardly does anything at all, it"s hard to condemn him for anything. While he has attacked and even killed some people, he only did so as a member of the Straw Hats or as a bounty hunter, meaning that the very people that he"s attacked kind of had it coming in the first place.

However, after the time-skip, he did unwittingly cut down an entire galleon whose main mistake was waking him up. The ship did belong to pirates, but the series never explicitly associated them with any wrongdoing. So, in this instance, Zoro just sabotaged an entire group for no reason.

While she may be the crew"s faithful navigator, Nami has spent most of her life in another trade. To raise money to free Cocoyashi Village from Arlong"s reign, Nami spent several years traveling across the East Blue swindling unsuspecting people.

She"s raided cruise ships, stolen from pirates, and, during her goodbye of all things, pickpocketed her entire village. While it was for a good cause, it was still stealing, and she"s kind of still doing it today.

5 Nico Robin: Betrayed Various Organizations

Before Nico Robin became the motherly archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, she spent nearly a lifetime joining and betraying various groups. After the attack on Ohara, Nico Robin traveled the world to seek out the knowledge that was lost on that day as well as attempt to solve the mysteries that the island couldn"t.

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However, she couldn"t do so by herself and had to infiltrate various criminal organizations to both protect herself and get access to the Poneglyphs. Nico Robin has a long line of betrayal, lies, and assassinations behind her that really add some weight to the moniker "Demon Child."

Sanji may have poor customer service skills, but he really hasn"t done anything all that bad as a person. He"s dedicated most of his life to learning the culinary trade and mostly got in trouble for beating up rude customers. For readers who have ever worked in retail or restaurants, the feeling probably isn"t new.

With that being said, one of his kicks was clearly uncalled for. When Luffy tried to rescue him after he was picked up by Big Mom, Sanji fought him to get his old captain to give up. Even though he was trying to protect Luffy, he gave a pretty convincing impression of hurting him, even going as far as to dislodge one of Luffy"s teeth.

3 Usopp: Fought Luffy

When everyone discovered that the Going Merry was irreparable and decided to get a new ship, Usopp didn"t take things lightly. The Going Merry was a present from Kaya and symbolic of his own position as a weak, broken down member of the crew.

Wanting to secure some of his dignity, he"d not only quite the Straw Hats but challenge Luffy to a fight and went harder than he ever has before in the series. He seriously aimed to hurt his captain, and it was an act that wasn"t easy to apologize for.

Usopp"s sudden inferiority didn"t come out of the blue. Earlier in the Water Seven Arc, the Frank Family mugged him and took half of the money meant to pay for the Going Merry"s repairs. All that was left was a beaten Usopp in the middle of the street.

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Though Franky himself wasn"t directly involved, it was a common thing for his little gang to do, and he fought hard against Monkey D. Luffy to defend them after the Straw Hats raided his base. He"d make things up by personally building their new ship and joining their crew, but he was sort of responsible for some of the worst infighting the crew has ever seen.

1 Monkey D. Luffy: Bet His Entire Crew

Monkey D. Luffy may be a nice guy, but he"s caused a lot of chaos in his career as a pirate. He"s taken down squads of Marine soldiers, caused mass collateral damage, and stolen quite a bit of meat from unsuspecting townspeople. However, if there"s one thing that"s unquestionably unforgivable and still annoys fans to this day, it"s his actions during the Long Ring Island Arc.

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The arc is already the bane to a lot of fans for somehow being canon filler, but it only got worse when it had Luffy uncharacteristically bet his crewmates in several Davy Back Fights. Whether Foxy the Silver Fox just had him acquiesce or if he had one of his rare instances of arrogance, Luffy bet who he considers his best friends like poker chips, and it"s probably the worst thing that anyone has ever done in the crew.

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