32. The radical Republicans’ goals for Reconstruction included __________.

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A) the South’s recognition of the benefits of defeat

B) the securing of the freedmen’s right to vote

C) stopping southern states from leaving the Union

D) attempting to strengthen the Republican Party in the North

33. The Tenure of Office Act attempted to __________.

A) dismantle state governments in the Lower South

B) stop the nomination of Ulysses S. Grant for president

C) guarantee the election of Republicans in the North

D) weaken the powers of the president

34. Some southerners were drawn to the Republican Party because __________.

A) the Republicans were not serious about supporting black suffrage

B) the Democratic Party had little support among southern whites

C) they were attracted to the party’s emphasis on economic development

D) radical Republicans in Congress offered moderate calls for reform

35. In the South during the Reconstruction, African Americans were an influential voice in __________.

A) implementing the reforms of the Republican Party

B) opposing the Tenure of Office Act

C) achieving universal desegregation of public schools

D) the restructured Democratic Party

36. Which statement about black voters in the South during Reconstruction is true?

A) Voter turnout in the black community was low.

B) Ulysses S. Grant was elected president with great support from blacks.

C) The Democratic Party benefited from the increase in black voters.

D) Black voters were not successful in electing many blacks to state offices.

37. Which statement about the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction is true?

A) Republican governors never created policies that resulted in the arrest of members.

B) They attempted to stop women from using their right to vote.

C) Blacks and whites who supported democratic reforms were attacked by members.

D) Their acts of terrorism caused Democrats in the U.S. Congress to pass anti-Klan laws.

38. Southern Democrats realized they could regain their dominance of local power by __________.

A) cooperating with legislatures controlled by the Republicans

B) supporting the candidacy of Ulysses S. Grant

C) making alliances with carpetbaggers and scalawags

D) manipulating racial tensions

39. The Redeemers portrayed themselves as the __________.

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A) saviors of the South from the injustices of Republican rule

B) leaders who had saved the Union from Confederate treason

C) true descendants of the abolitionists

D) loyal supporters of Ulysses S. Grant

40. A long-lasting legacy of the ideas of the Redeemers was __________.

A) the commitment to achieving civil rights for all minorities

B) the establishment of the “solid South” as a Republican stronghold