I"m not googling any of this stuff, but if you"ve seen the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin you know what I"m referring to.

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The woman with the blond hair that was almost a crew-cut, the boss at the tech store, tells Steve Carrell"s character about a gardener named Javier who took her virginity. She sings a song that Javier sang to her. All I got was the last word, "Futbol", which is "Soccer". Does anyone know the translation of the rest of the song?



According to the IMDb trivia section for the movie:

The "beautiful old Guatemalan love song" sung by Javier to Paula translates to:

When I clean my room I can"t find anything Where are you going in such a hurry To the soccer game.

Jane Lynch has told several interviewers that these "lyrics" were really a practice dialogue that she remembered from a high school Spanish class.

The sites containing the lyrics I found (1, 2) say the original Spanish she"s singing is:

Cuando limpiado mi cuartoNo encuentro nadaAdonde va con tanta prisa?Al partido de fútbol

And Google Translate basically agrees with its usual margin of error.

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