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What is a fair price on a savage 220a in 28 gauge? The gun is in very good condition, but not great condition.
It all depends if you are buying or selling.Guns International has a someone listing two Model 220"s at $250 each. BUT you are talking about a 28 gauge, all bets are off-- it"s what the market will bear.The 220 is one of those oddities that some like to collect. And having a 28 gauge will make the gun worth more.The brother gun was the 219 rifle that came in 22 Hornet, 30-30, and 25-35. Some say they made a 32-20, very hard to find, like your 28.
I have a 12 and a 16. They are nice guns and a 28 would be great, but the seller is asking 4 times what I paid for the others recently. Does a 28 really command the price jump?
The Savage Model 219 was made in .22 Hornet, .30-30 , .25-20 and .32-20. .25-35 was not offered form Savage, but the .25-20 could have been rechambered to .25-35.
Thanks for the update on the 219. I mentioned that as many many years ago a gun shop offered me a 25-35. As you say a re-chamber.

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The Savage Model 220 hammerless single barrel shotgun first appears in the January 2nd, 1937 Savage and Fox illustrated wholesale and retail price list. It was introduced along with the very short lived Savage Model 320 side-by-side and the a bit longer lived Model 420/430 over under. As introduced the Model 220 was offered in 12-gauge with 28-, 30-, 32-, 24- and 36-inch barrel, 16-gauge with 28-, 30- and 32-inch barrel and 20-gauge with 26-, 28-, 30- and 32-inch barrel and .410 bore with 26- or 28-inch barrel. In 1938 the Model 219 rifle was introduced in .30/30 and .25/20. For 1939 Savage Arms Corp. added the 28-gauge with 28- or 30-inch barrel to the Model 220 offerings and the .22 Hornet and the .32/20 to the Model 219 offerings, as well as the Savage Utility Gun --Model No. 221 .30/30 caliber and 12-gauge 30"Model No. 222 .30/30 caliber and 16-gauge 28"Model No. 223 .30/30 caliber and 20-gauge 28"Model No. 227 .22 Hornet and 12-gauge 30"Model No. 228 .22 Hornet and 16-gauge 28"Model No. 229 .22 Hornet and 20-gauge 28"and for $3.25 extra retail they"d make any other combo of Model 220 and 219 offerings.Savage also added the Model 220-P in 12-, 16- and 20-gauge with a recoil pad and a Poly-Choke. For 1940 the offerings remained the same. For 1941, the 28-gauge was gone from the Model 220 offerings. For 1942, Savage added theModel No. 224 .25/20 and 12-gauge 30"Model No. 225 .25/20 and 16-gauge 28"Model No. 226 .25/20 and 20-gauge 28"Model No. 230 .32/20 and 12-gauge 30"Model No. 231 .32/20 and 16-gauge 28"to the Savage Utility Gun offerings, and the 50 cent extra 34- and 36-inch barrels were no longer offered on the 12-gauge Model 220.The next Savage paper I have is the 1947 Savage/Stevens/Fox/Springfield catalogue issued after Savage Arms Corp. consolidated their firearms making at their old J. Stevens factories in Chicopee Falls. The Model 219 isn"t offered and the Model 220 is offered in 12-gauge with 28- or 30-inch barrels, 16-gauge with 28-inch barrel, 20-gauge with 28-inch barrel and also .410-bore with 26-inch barrel. For 1948, the Model 220 offerings are the same and the Model 219 is back in .22 Hornet and also .30-30.These hammerless single barrels are gone from the 1949 through 1952 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogues. In the 1953 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogue the Model 220 is back, offered in 12-gauge with 28- or 30-inch barrels, 16-gauge with 28-inch barrel, 20-gauge with 28-inch barrel and .410-bore with 26-inch barrel. The 28-gauge with 28-inch barrel and a 32-inch barrel 12-gauge returns to the offerings in 1954. For 1955, Savage added a 36-inch barrel 12-gauge to the Model 220 offerings. For 1956, Savage added a 12-gauge Model 220-AC with the Savage Adjustable Choke for an overall barrel length of 27-inch. And so it remained through the 1950s.For 1960, the Model 219 was back in .22 Hornet and also .30-30 Winchester. For 1961, Savage Arms Corp. moved to their new factory in Westfield, Mass., but the 28-gauge Model 220 didn"t make the move, nor did the 32- and 36-inch 12-gauge barrels for the Model 220. Things remained the same thru the 1964 catalogue, but the Models 220 and 219 were gone from the 1965 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogue.The el cheapo side-levered Model 219L and Model 220L appeared in the 1966 Savage/Stevens/Fox catalogue.