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Term Cupid
Definition Roman archer-god, son of the love goddess. He usually is popular on Valentine"s Day.

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Term Mercury
Definition Roman messenger of the gods. His name is also part of a car company.
Term Dionysus
Definition Greek name for the insane god of wine and parties.
Term Apollo
Definition God of Poetry, Music and Light. Lord of the Silver Bow.
Term Hephaestus
Definition Lame Greek blacksmith god - son of Zeus and Hera. Hera threw him from Olympus the day he was born.
Term Hestia
Definition Greek goddess of the hearth and home. She lived in your house!
Term Minerva
Definition Roman name for the goddess of wisdom and war, born from Jupiter"s brain.
Term Mars
Definition Roman god of war. We have a couple of robot rovers there, too.
Term Juno
Definition Roman name of Jupiter"s wife.
Term Zeus
Definition Greek king of the gods.
Term Eros
Definition Greek archer god who causes men and women to fall in love.
Term Venus
Definition Roman love goddess, born of the sea foam.
Term Hades
Definition Place where the dead go and Greek name of the lord of the Underworld
Term Artemis
Definition Greek name of Apollo"s twin, goddess of hunting and the moon.
Term Bacchus
Definition Roman god of wine and revelry.
Term Poseidon
Definition Greek name for the god of the Ocean.
Term Jupiter
Definition Roman name for the king of the gods.
Term Neptune
Definition Roman name for god who carries a fisherman"s trident.
Term Vulcan
Definition Roman blacksmith god.
Term Aphrodite
Definition Greek Goddess of love and beauty
Term Hera
Definition Greek queen of the gods, guardian of marriage and childbirth.
Term Pluto
Definition Roman lord of the Underworld.
Term Vesta
Definition Roman goddess of the hearth and home.
Term Ceres
Definition Roman goddess of grain and agriculture. Her name gives us a word for a very popular breakfast food.

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Term Athena
Definition Greek goddess of wisdom and war.