Your check engine light can turn on for any number of reasons, from not tightening your fuel cap enough to driving in cold temperatures in Arlington during the winter months. That is to say that your car may be totally fine, but that doesn’t mean that pesky engine light is going to turn off anytime soon. While you should always first verify with a professional service center that there really isn’t a problem with your engine, if you’re 100% certain that your loose fuel cap set off your persistent check engine light, follow these steps toward resetting your check engine light.

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Did You Check Engine Light Come On For a Reason?

The first question that Memphis drivers should ask themselves before resetting their check engine light is, “Do I know for sure why my check engine light came on?” If you have any room for doubt, please contact Wolfchase Honda for a diagnostic!

Here’s a quick example of a scenario where you could proceed to the next section without getting in touch with us. Say you went to a gas station, and when you were done filling up the car, you forgot to fasten the gas cap back on, you started up the car, your check engine light came on, and it won’t turn off — even after you stop to replace the gas cap. This is a perfect example of a trivial incident that set off your check engine light in the first place. If you know for certain that your light was set off by a harmless event like this, move on to the next section. Otherwise, it’s best to get in touch with Wolfchase Honda before proceeding.

Steps to Reset Your Car’s Check Engine Light

The main process for resetting your check engine light involves disconnecting your negative battery cable. Just follow these easy steps:

Turn off your car, let it cool down, and put on some safety goggles and gloves.Find the negative terminal on your battery. It should have a black cap with a negative (–) symbol.Get a wrench and loosen the nut on your negative terminal. Then pull the negative connector off of the battery. Put it aside for a minute.Then reconnect the negative cable. This will reset your check engine light. Remember to tighten the terminal’s cap and nut.

If this doesn’t do the trick, get in touch with Wolfchase Honda!

Get Your Check Engine Light Diagnosed at Wolfchase Honda

If you are still not 100% on any of the above steps toward resetting your check engine light, don’t hesitate to call Wolfchase Honda in Bartlett. Our phone number is (855) 930-4417.

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We’ll happily walk you through the steps. That said, if you’re uncertain about what might be causing your check engine light to come on, please don’t sit on getting your automobile to our Bartlett service center stat! Have questions about other topics related to car care? Be sure to explore our service tips for more informative reads about how to check transmission fluid and more!