These islands previously a single island have four seperate entrances before going into the cave that connects them all. The confusing maze of interconnected islets that make up whirl island can be frustrating so study the maps below.

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Whirl islands northeast interior.

Pokemon soul silver whirl islands map. Whirl islands southeast interior. Pokemon heart gold and soul silver at ign. Pokemon gold silver and crystal at ign.

Appendixheartgold and soulsilver walkthroughsection 13. Walkthroughs items maps video tips and strategies. The whirl islands are located in the sea between olivine and cianwood city.

Walkthroughs items maps video tips and strategies. From bulbapedia the community driven pokémon encyclopedia. You will also need.

Beneath the sea a maze of dark caves sprawl with explorers able to travel between the four islands with some amount of difficulty. You need to pick up whirlpool from team rockets hideout to get near the island and the silver wing from the man in pewter city gold and crystal or the radio station manager in goldenrod city silver to find lugia. For pokemon soulsilver version on the ds a gamefaqs answers question titled map of whirl islands.

Whirl islands northwest interior. Click on a map to enlarge it. Heartgold players are unable to challenge lugia until after obtaining the silver wing in pewter city.

Silver cave rock tunnel seafoam islands union cave victory road viridian forest whirl islands. Choose which generation of games youre playing to see the pokémon and capture methods. Whirl islands whirl islands 1f.

Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver game maps. Whirl islands are located within route 41. In the whirl islands lugia awaits at level 45.

Where are the whirl islands in pokemon soul silver. うずまきじま whirlpool islands are a small archipelago located between the mainland of johto and cianwood city on route 41. Whirl islands johto location this is the pokémon location guide for whirl islands in johto.

There are four islands there and youll need to cross. They are northeast of cianwood and southwest of olivine. Bell tower cerulean cave dark cave ice path mt.

There are multiple levels to this cave all of which require access from the different entrances. You can now access the whirl islands along route 41.

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The whirl islands japanese.