Cinnabar Island is a small islandthat"s packed with buildings and full of things to do. On this island, you"ll find the typical Pokemon Centerand PokeMart, a gym, the Cinnabar Mansion, a research center, and two people standing outside. The first thing we"ll do is go into the Pokemon Lab.

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Fossil Resurrection

You received either a Helix Fossil or Dome Fossil earlier in the game in Mt. Moon, and an Old Amber too. Now you can bring thesefossils to life in the Pokemon Lab, an oval-like building. Find it, and go inside. The first room has two people who"ll trade Pokemon with you. The old man will trade you his Electrode for your Raichu (what a bad deal!), andthe lady will trade you her Tangela for your Venonat. There"s a Move Tutor in the second room who will teach Metronome. Talk to the scientist in the third room, and he"ll resurrect your fossils. Wait for a while and come back. He"ll have an ancient Pokemon ready for you after a bit of walking.

Pokemon Mansion

You"ll notice that the Cinnabar Gym is locked.The key that"ll unlock the door can be found in the Pokemon Mansion.

The Pokemon Mansion is an old mansion just above the Pokemon Center. Once you"re inside, head straight and then up the stairs, which will take you to the second floor. You"ll find Zinc and Calcium on this floor.After picking up the items, head to the northwest corner of the floor, and take the stairs to the third floor.Go all the way right and pick up the Iron. Go back and press the switch on the statue. Go down, and you"ll see ascientist. Go past him and fall through the larger broken floor. You"ll then fall into another section of the first floor.Fight the Scientist and go near the stairs. Pick up the Carbos, and go downstairs into the basement.

In the basement, go into the room to your left, and switch the Mewtwo statue so that"s its eyes aren"t glowing.Head up into another room to pick up TM14 - Blizzard. Flip on the Mewtwo statue in the other room to pick up two items.One of them is the Gym Key, which unlocks the Cinnabar Gym; the other is TM22 - Solar Beam. Now that you"ve gotten what youcame for, it"s time to leave this mansion and go to the gym.

Locations (Pokemon Mansion)

Quiz Time At The Gym

Before you fight the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Gym, youmust go past six trainers. You will either answer a question right to get pass them without a battle, or you"llhave to battle them. To answer a question and get to the next room, you must go to the Quiz Machine, and answer "Yes"or "No" to the question asked. Here are the answers to all six quizes: Yes, No, No, No, Yes, No.

The gym leader"s an old, bald man named Blaine. He uses powerful Fire Pokemon. Use Water Pokemon to put Blaine"s Pokemon out. He has the following Pokemon: a lv. 42 Growlithe, a lv. 40 Ponyta, a lv. 42 Rapidash, and a lv. 47 Arcanine.After defeating Blaine, he"ll give you TM38 - Fire Blast and the Volcano Badge.

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Sevii Islands

Right when you exit the gym, Bill will come to you and ask you for help. If you want to help him, he"ll take you aboard a ferryand bring you to the first Sevii Island. There are seven Sevii Islands in total. The Sevii Islands contain legendary Pokemon andPokemon from the Johto region. A victory at the Cinnabar Gym gives you access to the first three islands. The next four islands can be accessible only after defeating the Elite 4. If you choose to go with Bill, then click Next for the guide on the first Sevii Island. If you want to get your eighth badge, click on Viridian City Pt. 2 on the right sidebar.