Quick PSA if you're playing Firered/Leafgreen with non-working event tickets (AKA how to get them working)

I've spent quite sometime looking for a way to get my cheat-obtained event tickets to work. I tried gameshark codes like "Birth Island/Navel Rock Enabler" and "Sailor Notices You" but later found them to be complete bs.

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My luck changed a few days ago when I found out about the Gen3 Mystery Gift Tool. This tool gives you the ability to inject legit Wonder Cards into your save files. I have to give a ton of credit to suloku and the folks at Project Pokemon for the amount of time, research and dedication that went into making this idea a reality.

In order for this to properly work, you need to

Enable Mystery Gift by going to the Pokemart, filling out the survey with LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and saving your game.

You also have to (in order)

Beat the Elite Four and enter the Hall of Fame

Unlock the national dex by catching 60 or Pokemon and speaking to Prof. Oak

Get the Rainbow Pass by speaking to Celio after finding the Ruby (located in Mt. Ember) for his machine (note: try getting these items without cheating)

Okay, now the fun begins.

Launch the Gen3 Event Tool.exe

Load your game's save file

Select either Mystic Ticket or Aurora Ticket

Inject and save

Start up the game with the newly injected .sav file

Go to the second floor of the Pokemon Center, speak to the man in green, receive ticket

Go to Vermilion City and the sailor will notice that you have a "rare" ticket

Save game

Repeat procedure for the other ticket(s)

note: You can only have one Wonder Card per save file. Injecting another Wonder Card will replace the current one, however, your events will remain activated (assuming you saved the game after speaking to the man in the Pokemon Center)

This is currently the most legit way of getting working tickets in FR/LG since getting them from a Nintendo event is obviously not possible. IMO it's way better than using warp codes.

You can also use this program for gifts and events in other Gen 3 games like Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

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edit: if you know of any relevant subs I can post this to, feel free to suggest them.