but this should only be used for emphasis (for example, to contrast with don"t think).

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The latter is correct and the former is definitely wrong.

When you construct questions in les-grizzlys-catalans.org, you follow this pattern: V + S, that"s why you have the Helping Verb "Do" there.

But when you construct sentences, it"s the opposite, you have to follow: S + V. And if you add any other Noun Clauses or Noun Phrases to your sentence, whether they were originally in question form, they cannot follow the "V + S" question pattern.

Take a look:

What are you thinking? = Question

Please tell me what YOU ARE thinking. = Sentence

Notice that I switched the Verb and the Subject in the original question.

In the same way:

What do you like? = Question

Please tell me what you LIKE. = Sentence

Where did you go? = Question

Please tell me where you WENT.

"Do" and "Did" as Helping Verbs are normally used only in Questions and Negative sentences, not positive sentences

This topic also encompasses Direct and Indirect Questions


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