It is common to find ourselves in situations where we have to battle being comfortable vs. being responsible. My experiences with this includes getting people at particular events on time, hosting a successful event, marketing scheduled events, and opening and closing my office on time along with a long host of other things. Every time I got home from class or work my day was never nowhere near over. Life just seem like an endless task of responsibilities. This never ending cycle of things to do. Shoot, now I see why people hire assistants and outsource tasks to firms and agencies. To pay extra for a piece of mind and a break is worth it, right? You ever wonder how much extra?

Let"s see how much does it really cost to trust people to help you remain successful. First, let"s consider the fact that you are pretty successful (for the readers that are: whoop whoop, go head go head, do your victory dance do your victory dance!). So, you are successful and the volume of supporters are growing in record numbers. Whether you have customers waiting before you open, or you have tens of thousands followers always waiting for fresh new content from you. Once you have this kind of attention you have to work hard to keep things fresh and keep their attention so you can keep their money. The first few months of this is a breeze. Your motivated, your up, your getting respect, life is awesome. You finally know what it feels like to live free. Do what you want, can have who or what you want. Things are great. Then months turn into years and people are familiar with your craft. You still are doing well but now you are ready to take it easy. You have been diligent and you feel like it is time to start enjoying some of this money you have been working hard for. Let"s pause right here for a moment. Let me remind you of some valuable information before I pull the pin out of the grenade and toss it you.

What defines a true boss is someone that is bold and optimistic, humble yet confident, and a leader that can not only lead but effectively teach others to lead.

There are people that have made it to the level of being a boss but because they did not understand what it really cost of actually being a true successful boss they fell flat on their faces with an a practically impossible ability of recovering. A few examples include: Jeff Skilling (you can open about 15.6 million Chick-Fil A franchise stores with that kind of money). The 2008 bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers, an investment bank with assets valued at $600 billion. And the former CEO of HealthSouth, Richard M. Scrushy who was arrested" for trying to bribe the governor of Alabama back in 2003 (not that kind of price mister). The sad part is the list only goes on and on and on and on and on and on...and on.

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See it isn"t that these guys didn"t have what it takes to be the boss, clearly they made it to that peak .01% that most people want to be apart of, but their motives were different therefore the results weren"t favorable. The issue is they underestimated that re-occurring price that never goes away when wanting to be the boss. So that I am clear, this price is not monetary. .

Being a boss and living that way requires you to commit to not just your mission but also to the people you serve such as your family, your community, your peers, your colleagues, your team. This means you may have to stand in the gap on many different occasions. If something needs to be done, you have to be ready to cover the shift, and if it requires a skill set that you don"t have it is your responsibility to find someone who does. Yes being reliable and dependable is important. Thinking quickly with great problem solving skills are also important. But that one high price that most people often seem to forget is integrity. Being honest is everything. You ever go to a store and find someone on the management team and you wonder who in the world made you manager, your so unprofessional. Or worse, you ever saw a manager that show off to others that they were a manager and that person always took advantage of their authority? You may have thought how were they able to maintain their position for this long. They were honest, that is how. Being trustworthy and honest even when no one is looking with pay of in he long run.

So that I am clear, the cost to be the boss is not monetary. The value is appraised by your character.

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So here"s a challenge to the readers: The beautiful thing about this life we live is that we have the ability to be whoever we commit to wanting to be. Everyone can afford the cost to be the boss. This week lets stack up our coins and market ourselves as the best. Don"t just say it, Nike!

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