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Care for 9 creatures great and small, now including lambs, fawns, kittens and puppies.Treat your patients in your very own clinic, or take your pet care business on the road with the Pet Vet ambulanceExamine your pets with the actual medical instruments the professionals use ¿ stethoscopes, swabs, casts & more.Create your very own in-game character, customizing everything from head to toe, even choosing from work, riding or casual outfits.Show off your many talents by decorating your pet vet office ¿ add a splash of color on the wall or hang up a picture.

When I bought this game I had an old computer and was kind of disapointed because it required a very high graphics system. So I had to drive two hours away to the closest Best Buy with my brother and my dad to go and get a silly GeForce 1700 Graphic Card for my computer. It took about 30 minutes to take the old card out and stick the new one in. And once I started to play the game, it was a waste of my time and money! I was very disapointed. It was not at all like the first one. The graphics were better, but the gameplay was not the same. I can"t remember all of it because it"s been so long since I"ve played it (about two years). The only good thing about it was that the graphics were better and the surgeries were more detailed. It"s a fun game, but not as fun as the first one.

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I"m writing this review on the strength of my kids" experience playing the version 1 of Pet Vet at a friends house one weekend, and then coming home and installing a one-hour preview of this Version 2 release. My kids liked the Version 1 release (it"s just called Pet Vet), but they disliked this Version 2 release (called Pet Vet 2: Healing Hands). Why? Because the mouse action was terribly slow and delayed, unlike any other game I"ve seen. It"s not the hardware -- they"re running on a fast 2.6Ghz Pentium 4 laptop with 512MB RAM and plenty of disk space. No other game is slow like this one, and by slow, I mean the mouse action is slow and terribly unresponsive. I can"t see anything that would be a set-up issue, so I"m presuming it"s just lousy $20 kid software written by an independent developer and marketed by some company called ValuSoft. Because the mouse response was so poor, my kids really didn"t like the game, so we"re not going to buy it. My advice is simple: try the preview version by downloading from the the Internet (not from the Valusoft website -- strangely, they don"t offer the download for Version 2, just Version 1), and if you like, then pull the trigger and buy the game (from les-grizzlys-catalans.org -- it"s cheaper than from ValuSoft directly). You might be better off buying the Version 1 release, which is what we"re currently pondering.