What a gorgeous beach and state park for all to enjoy. A glorious sunny fall day found us spending... read more

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Great view of the water. Little restaurant right on the beach-food is basic but good. The fishing is great here...maybe I shouldn"t tell you that!



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The beach was FILTHY! Broken glass (not ideal if you have a toddler) and I even found a pair un female undies semi-buried where we were! Parking is a hassle and I did not see any particularly exceptional about this place. Never coming back.

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62 degrees sounded cold but it felt good to go into the water for a short swim. This is a great beach for walking and resting. Even on a hot day in early July, there was plenty of room for all. I found it just lovely.

Beaches have varying characters and serve varying purposes. Popham Beach is worthless for surfing or snorkeling, and if you"re looking for clear blue bathtub-warm water, try Magen"s Bay in St. Thomas, USVI.BUT! If you, your friends, or your children like an adventure, Popham is hands-down the most exciting adventure beach I"ve ever seen, and an excellent educational tool for teaching about the tides. At high tide, Popham is a modestly sized bathing and sunning beach with some interesting sand bars and tidal pools, with an island visible across several hundred feet of water.As the tide recedes, the pools start emptying back into the sea, creating narrow channels of shallow, swift current, suitable for safely riding on floating things. The sand bars emerge from the water, revealing huge expanses of soft, wet beach. Finally, as the tide reaches its lowest point, almost every beachgoer will find themselves drawn to the island, which can now be reached on foot! The island is covered with sand, rock, and grass, and suitable for climbing and clambering, and affording a breathtaking view from its modest "summit."All in all, an adventure that few will soon forget.