A Pisces man is well-known for wanting to escape the realities of his everyday life. He’s a good candidate for doing this with another woman.

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Yet, it’s difficult to confront a cheater without the proof that he’s done anything wrong.

This will only lead to an argument that you can’t win. You’ll accuse, he’ll deny. Both of you end up unhappier.

A better strategy is to find out for yourself what’s happening.

Luckily, there’s an extremely effective online tool available to help you do this (click here to check it out).

It only requires a few basic details about your partner. With this, it can run an extensive check into his previous communications.

You’ll learn who he’s been frequently contacting and what applications he’s been using to do it.

If he’s secretly downloaded Tinder or set up a new phone number, you’ll quickly know about it.

What’s more, he’ll have no way of knowing how you found out.

This tool can quickly reveal the truth about what’s going on with your relationship.

It’s better to find out, then carry on with these poisonous seeds of doubt in your mind.

To provide further help, we have listed the five biggest signs that a Pisces man is cheating on his partner.

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1 Signsthat a Pisces man is cheating on you

Signsthat a Pisces man is cheating on you

1. He blows hot and cold

In a relationship, a Pisces is the zodiacs drifter.- very hard and slippery to catch ad get a hold of! They need to be placed in a relationship but they can seem to drift away from a relationship and leave you feeling like you are going after him. This seems like a game to him/

The master of illusion, he will be keen togive you the runaround and wondering what happened to the man you first met.

Not the friendliest sign in the zodiac, thePisces man can come off as a bit mean and on occasion, he can be quite acutting character in how he jokes and talks. Whilst he is in this strange coldmood, this might come out in him more often, so watch out. If he acts more like a shark than a fishbehind his sign when he is feeling unhappy, you can start to feel a bit likeprey. He might start setting you up with unreleased goals and ideals. He mightbe picking on your inability to do something or to look a certain way. You mayfeel you are going in circles yourself and unsure of what he wants and how youcan get your man back to that loving state you were in a few weeks ago. He thenmight seem just fine the next day. This is something to watch out for. ThePisces man is able to blow hot and cold and will be thinking of someone elsebut very keen on keeping you on the side as well. Be sure that you are dealingwith "normal" moods and nothing that borders on unacceptable behavior forsomeone in a relationship - you are never a punching bag, verbally orotherwise!


5. He is just being rude

Beware as well that as a Pieces man mightcheat but feel torn about it - then it bears to reason that if they don"t wantto deal with the conflict of them breaking up with you they want you to do itfor them. Some men are like this and thePisces is not immune to running away from the feelings and emotions created atthe end of a relationship"s life - which leads him to turn his attentionselsewhere so you can do all the hard work yourself!

He likes unmade, raw women who are genuineand not shy, someone who mirrors himself. He is a go-getter with his own lifeand he will expect that of you as well. If you are not being genuine, he willbe able to tell. If he senses that he has been somehow trapped in therelationship, he might be looking elsewhere. It"s not too late to catch yourPisces man before he puts himself in the path of other women. Just beinggenuine about your hurt and your feelings will be much more impressive to himthan anything else so open up about your feelings for him. At this stage, whathave you got to lose?

Only this relationship and if you feel likeyou need to search you see if your Pisces man is cheating you, this isn"t agreat place to be anyway.

Isthe Pisces man really cheating?

Why would the Pisces man do this to you? Wecan"t tell you that, but we can tell you that if you recognize the signs asbeing of a Pisces man who is out of love and maybe even cheating, then you willfind someone new and better. Not all men are the same and sometimes, a better signwill treat you like a real Queen. Why not speak to your Pisces man as soon aspossible to see if it is a sign things are over - remember, it could still be amisunderstanding about something that can be ironed out with the rightcommunication between you both - as we mentioned, at this stage there is notmuch left to lose and opening up at least allows you to say your piece!

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