Seeing someone without a face can be frightening. Everyone we come in contact with in waking life has facial features; a mouth, a nose, eyes. But anything can happen in dreams. Dreamers from around the world encounter people that either have no facial features or they can’t recall what the person looked like once they awaken. Then there are dreams where you look into the mirror and can’t see your own face. I had a variation of that dream once and searched high and low for an answer. When I finally found out what faceless people in dreams mean, the answer wasn’t that surprising. However, the dream wisdom I gained on the journey was invaluable.

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  Here’s what I discovered.


  Ever encounter a dream person just outside your line of vision? Perhaps they’re looking the other direction so you can’t see their face. These people often represent spiritual beings. People you can see when you look directly at them but they have no facial features typically represent an issue of identity.


Dream people can be a little tricky to identify whether they have a face or not. They can represent the actual person, but rarely do. They can represent what the person means to you, or the meaning of their name. The person can even be identified by specific clothes they are wearing that represents the culture they are from. If you have an internal knowing that the dream person is your parent, boss, or pastor, they could represent a leader in your life. All of this depends on dream context, of course.


Let’s say your boss appears in your dream. You’re both in the office you work at and they’re giving you direction on a certain project they want you to do. You have an inner knowing this person is your boss eventhough you cannot see their face. What would this dream be telling you? It could actually be giving you an answer to the question of why you haven’t been able to identify with your current job. The boss has no face. Their identity is obscured. Therefore, you’re unable to identify with your boss and subsequently, the job you’re engaged in.

Again, the context of your dream will determine if your boss is your boss or if they represent some other leader in your life.

  Many competing voices will tell you that being faceless in a dream means the lack of identity. I have not found one, however, that explains why and how being without a face ties specifically to identity. Allow me to break the answer down by sharing a faceless dream I had. This is a recurring dream during my adolescence.


  I’m looking in a mirror. I felt compelled to make faces. When I did this my eyes, nose, and mouth would move out of place and travel around my face. Then they would all disappear. I was in my early teens and didn’t know what to make of this confusing and fearful experience. It wasn’t until I learned the principle of simplicity that it all began to fall into place.

To apply the principle of simplicity to my above dream you start asking questions. What’s the most basic meaning of my face? Answer: my identity. Next, what does it mean to have my facial features travel all around my face? Answer: my identity is not yet set in place. Last, who does it mean to have my facial features disappear? I don’t see my true identity. The timing of the dream is very important as well. My identity was not quite set in adolescence and I didn’t see or know my true identity as a person and wouldn’t for a few more years.


Let’s continue with the principle of simplicity and deconstruct what each of the facial features has to do with your identity. Eyes are important to how you see the world. More importantly, eyes are how we see ourselves and are a key to our identity. Because your eyes belong to you and uniquely view your life as it happens, missing your eyes in a dream may indicate the loss of an ability to see your life as it is. But there’s much more to life than just the physical world around us.We are also spiritual beings who interact on many levels of the spiritual plane.

In order to unveil these features of the eyes, it’s important to understand what each does. Eyelashes are considered a beauty feature of the eye, but they protect the eye from stray particles of dust and sand that could harm the eye. Therefore, if you or someone else within your dream are missing eyelashes it could very well be warning you that your eyes are susceptible to small things that may injure your vision. 

Eyebrows are often referred to as the Swiss army knife of the human body. They protect your vision from sweat, rain and other moisture. Equally as important, eyebrows are essential in nonverbal communication. Interestingly enough, they stand alone on the forehead and are quite helpful in identifying individuals. Eyebrows are also referred to as a person’s ID card. This confirms that if eyebrows are missing they take a part of a person’s identity with them.

Let’s face it, noses can be a real pain, especially when you have a head cold. Noses were designed to smell things out in the environment around you. This is metaphorical language about a dreamer’s ability to discern things. This can be a reference to both the physical environment and the spiritual environment. If you’re missing your dream nos you’ve lost your ability to identify what’s going on around you.

The answer to missing a dream mouth seems pretty obvious. You’ve lost your ability to talk and smile and laugh. Buth there’s so much more to this seemingly simple body part.

  It’s important to note that mouths allow people to speak. If you have a mouth you can speak to others and yourself. A person who has lost their dream mouth has lost part of their identity because we all have a unique identifying voice.

  Losing facial features and appearing faceless in a dream speaks of identity issues but its speaking of much more than just identity. A person who loses their ability to be identified by their face loses so much more than just their identity. The lose the ability to speak into your life, help you discern the circumstances around you and the ability to see things from a different perspective than you do.

It hurts when a best friend becomes faceless in your dream, but not so bad when an enemy loses all its abilities and identity around you.

Although most dreams of faceless people are communicating the idea of lack of identity, there are faceless people in dreams that communicate something much different. This is especially true if the environment of the dream is dark and sinister.

I’m being chased through my house by a tall, thin Slenderman. I know he’s killed my whole family and I’m next. I run through the house and end up in the kitchen and there’s a television that’s on. Slenderman is on the tv watching me.

What makes this dream different from the other faceless dreams of this blog is the context. The atmosphere of strong emotion and death helps to make it a nightmare. The fact that Slenderman is faceless is a minor detail of the nightmare. It has little to no bearing other than the fact that it makes the nightmare more frightening. The main important points of this nightmare are 1) the dreams fear of dying and atmosphere of death and 2) the killer appearing on television.

The meaning of this nightmare is simply this: evil has a prepared plan to take your life. This nightmare is set in the dreamer’s house. I’d be interested to know if it was the original house they grew up in or was it a dream house they knew was theirs but had never seen it before. The former means that there could actually be a physical death caused by this evil villain. The latter means the death is more spiritual in nature. Both are terrifying.

What if the faceless person in your dream is not holding the death card toward you, rather is representative of an angel or of God? As I stated at the beginning of this blog, dreamers often cannot recall the faces of spiritual beings that have appeared in their dream. They might have had their faces turned in just the right way for the dreamer to miss their specific features. It’s also possible that there was so much light emanating from the face of the faceless person it made it impossible to see their features.


The amount of light in a dream in general will tell you if the dream is positive or negative. Light is one of the factors in determining a dream’s context. Seeing a faceless human bathed in light generally means that they are benevolent and seeing them bathed in darkness means they are malevolent.

It’s important to note if the faceless person is trying to help the dream move forward or is trying to impede your actions as a dreamer. There are lots of clues to what a faceless person in a dream means. One of the best ways to determine their meaning is to record your dream as soon as you wake up. If you recall everything you can about the dream as soon as you can you’ll be given clues to the meaning of the faceless people in your dreams.

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fleck 5600 control valve says:
April 6, 2020 at 10:48 am

This page certainly has all the information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

February 18, 2021 at 10:31 am

I keep having a recurring dream of men in black and white suits that are faceless and they are all marching single file into a hole in the ground. I can’t seem to locate the exact answer. It isn’t dark in the dream but it’s like scary because the rows of faceless ones are endless as they single file jump down in the hole. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe it’s speaking of the power on the earth leading people blindly ? I’m not sure but now my granddaughter just told me of a similar dream only the hole in her dream wasn’t the soil , it was in the sky! It’d be nice to know thoughts of this one maybe from a different perspective?

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