4. What does Ralph tell Jack to do at the meeting when Jack tries to talk out of turn?

5. What do the boys discover when they get to the tail end of the island?

6. Who volunteers to go first and see if the beast is ahead?

7. How does Jack view the island abutment they discover?

8. What do the boys do when they enter the small island?

9. What does Ralph urge them to concentrate on instead?

10. Who leads the boys off the island?

Answers 1. A dead pilot parachutes onto the island at night.

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2. Samneric are tending the fire.

3. The “beast” moves when wind catches in its parachute.

4. Ralph tells Jack to sit down.

5. They discover a smaller coral island attached to the larger one by a stone bridge.

6. Ralph volunteers.

7. Jack sees it as a potential fort.

8. The boys roll a large rock into the ocean.

9. Ralph urges them to concentrate on the signal fire.

10. Jack leads them off the island.

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