Hello!Lions hunt wildebeest; therefore, wildebeests are prey. The correct answer is "prey."A prey is an animal that is hunted or killed by another animal. In this sentence, the lions are the predators and the wildebeests are the prey.

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Wildebeests are preys.


Prey is the term which refers to the animal which is hunted by other strong animal for their food. In forest we can find three different types of animals based upon the mode of their nutrition.

They are:

Herbivore: Plant eatersCarnivore: Flesh eatersOmnivores: Both plant as well as flesh eaters.

In case of carnivore, as they are flesh eaters, they hunt animals. The animal which is been getting hunted are called prey. For example for animal such as lion, wild besets, Deer, Rabbit, etc., are called prey.




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