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1. How does Mark Twain describe the river in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Mark Twain describes the river as being the longest and most crooked in the world. The Mississippi River stretches for more than 1,300 miles.

2. What did the Indians tell the explorers according to Chapter 2?

According to Chapter 2, the Indians told the explorers Joliet and Marquette that the river was dangerous when they went to the Mississippi junction from Wisconsin.

3. What did Twain illustrate in Chapter 3?

In Chapter 3, Twain illustrated how men spoke on the river and illustrates this with how Huck eavesdrops on a group of men.

4. What does Twain paint a picture of in Chapter 4?

In Chapter 4, Twain paints a picture of his town and writes about a boy who wanted to work on a steamboat.

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5. What Twain explain about his early attempts to work on a steamboat according to Chapter 4?

According to Chapter 4, Twain explained his early attempts to work on a steamboat and how he humiliated himself by trying to help the "mate." Twain became friends with a night watchman on a boat.

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