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The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame includes a whole bunch of cheat codes you can input for rewards — but they work a little different here. Unlike previous games, where cheat codes unlock specific characters and vehicles, the cheats of The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame instead reward you with relics.

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Relics are kind of like in-game loot crates. No, you don’t have to spend real-world money to buy them, but they can be purchased from stores using the studs you earn as you run around levels. Trade studs for relics, and then open the relics for a random reward. The cheat codes below unlock a bunch of free relics you can open instantly.

There are also cheats to unlock super-item relics, mega-relics, and free studs. Entering cheats is easy, just open the pause menu and select ‘Enter Cheat’ to bring up the digital keyboard. You’ll need to reach at least one store before you can open relics, though, so you might want to wait a little bit before entering these codes.

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To enter cheat codes, open the Pause Menu and select ‘Enter Code’ — input the codes listed below to unlock the corresponding relics.

Character Relics (Purple)

Input codes to get a relic. Opening a character relic will reward you with a random character.


Item Relics (Green)

Input codes to get a relic. Opening an item relic will reward you with items, sticks and more.

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Construction Relics

Input codes to get a relic. Opening a construction relic will reward you with vehicles and building pieces.


Special Cheats

Studs: Each code input rewards you with 20,000 studs.EK5P485KCT38K6DFM6XPYJNXNAUXRUSLBJKKPH9NFT4VVXPRJ3A2VFSuper Item Relic: Open this relic to unlock a random special ability.FR0MTTMega-Relic: Pieces of a Mega-Relic that, when collected, are guaranteed to give you a new item.FCRL55R3TJU8

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