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Questions & answers about what typical household chemicals and substances are safe to flush down the toilet and into a private septic system? This article series identifies which household chemicals may damage the septic tank or leach fields and at what levels of usage are they harmful? This document explains how to extend the life of the septic system by being careful about what goes into it. We also provide an ARTICLE INDEX for this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. FAQs on Household Chemicals Flushed Into a Septic System

These questions and answers about flushing various household chemicals or products down drains and into a septic tank or private septic system were posted originally at CHEMICALS & CLEANERS into the SEPTIC TANK?. Be sure to see the advice given there.

Note: these questions and answers are about keeping some household chemicals out of septic tanks - part that our TOILETS, DON"T FLUSH LIST.

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A completely separate topic is the deliberate use of septic tank or drainfield chemical treatments - generally not recommended and discussed independently at CHEMICALS & TREATMENTS for SEPTICS.

No, Olivia,At normal household usage levels hair dye will not have a harmful impact on septic systems.The situation may be different if you were talking about a septic system serving a beauty salon.

Does hair dye have any effects on septic systems?LynnAt the volume or concentration that would be typical of household use, fish tank treatments ought to have no effect on a septic tank.

They should be very dilute by the time they"re in the much-larger septic tank, diluted further by daily normal wastewater use.

What about freshwater fish tank meds such as malachite green, formalin, and meth1alyne blue? The dose makes the poison.

A few gallons of bromine treated water is not going to hurt a septic tank but large quantities make your own off too much of the septic tank bacteria needed for proper septic tank operation. The answer is going to depend on the quantity, the concentration of disinfectant, the frequency of use, the size of the septic tank, and the average daily Wastewater volume flow.

Can water treated with bromine be put into septic tank?Can water treated with bromine be put into septic tank?BeckyPolident or other denture cleaners in normal usage won"t harm the septic system. Whatever disinfectant may be in the denture cleaner will be diluted by 1000 gallons or more of wastewater, so will be so dilute as to be harmless.Thanks for asking. if using polident for dentures, will it harm the drainage system?Oil-Eater claims to be a biodegradable and non toxic degreaser. It is the best degreaser I have ever used and I use it for all scenarios in my house where I need to remove grease, oil, and greasy/oily dirt.

The bucket of diluted cleaner is normally diluted 1:3 OE to water and the residual is dumped down the drain. I recently moved from sewer system to septic system. If the biodegradable and non-toxic attributes are really true, is there any harm in allowing this degreaser into the septic system? Will the degreasing action break down any useful aspects of the bio-mechanical and biological system in the tank?

I just had my septic tanks pumped out yesterday. I"m thinking of putting some kind of cleaner into all the traps( toilets/ sinks) to clean out build increase . My question is, would this affect septic system by giving the first holding tank ( solids) a time to mix cleaner with waste?SariaWhat "seat" are we discussing ? If you mean a toilet seat, any household cleaner or disinfectant should be fine. What cleaning agents can be used to clean the flush and the seat Trizenka,You and the resident will be best served by objective data, such as appropriate tests and an environmental inspection for unsafe or unsanitary sewer piping. There is not much in your note that sounds rational.

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Sewer pipes are normally coated with many bacteria as well as other pathogens.

Resident has a suspected gigantic bacterium lurking in the toilet pipes underneath her building, since 1991, and possibly a huge viral mass from 1979.

These disease germs were inadvertently washed down her bathtub drain during cleaning and soaking in cold water. They may be from two separate giant planets--Jupiter and Saturn. The DNA from millennia of stubborn grime and rust magnified upon release from the metal artifacts. Last week resident poured a small amount of ammonia down the tub drain, to release potential clogs after a tub overflow. She was subsequently quite sick to her stomach. The bacterium may have been the cause, reacting unfavorably to the caustic germicide. This situation is probably a government secret, hidden to avoid public panic. For further details, please read Mysterious Objects by Ada Brixill Camber, (c) 1996, or email BALMTRI24K