Many consumers use Saran Wrap to store or cover their food products conveniently. 

But can you microwave Saran Wrap? In most cases, YES. However, read on to learn more.

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To be entirely sure that your Saran Wrap is safe to put in the microwave, check the packaging for a microwave-safe label. 

Also, make sure that the plastic does not directly come in contact with food in the microwave.

Like other plastic products, Saran Wrap contains chemicals. Some consumers believe that microwaving food covered with Saran Wrap will cause these chemicals to soak or ‘leach’ into their food.

Ingesting certain chemicals can be deadly, and many chemicals have been related to diseases such as cancer, so this is an understandable fear. However, most plastic wrap brands have been tested by government-approved agencies such as the FDA and are perfectly safe to put in the microwave. 

If the wrap is labeled microwave-safe, you can use it in the microwave.

Although it is safe to microwave Saran Wrap, there are some precautions consumers may want to take when microwaving this product. First, you should avoid allowing the plastic to come in contact with food directly.

It is suggested to leave about an inch of space between food and Saran Wrap. If the food is wrapped in Saran Wrap, unwrap the food, place it in a microwavable container like a bowl, and cover the top. 

Use a bowl instead of a plate to ensure that the food and Saran Wrap do not touch.

Ensure that foods high in fat and sugar do not touch Saran Wrap. Some examples of foods that should not touch Saran Wrap include cheese, fatty meat, or pie. These foods heat up very quickly and can become extremely hot. At high heats, these foods can melt Saran Wrap if the food is touching the wrap. 

Ingesting melted Saran Wrap is unsafe and should be avoided.

Sometimes, steam can build up underneath Saran Wrap. A buildup of steam can be dangerously hot and might burn the skin. To avoid this, use a fork, knife, or another sharp object to puncture the Saran Wrap and allow steam to escape.

While it is safe to use Saran Wrap in the microwave, avoid microwaving it at extremely high power levels over long periods of time. It is safer to microwave something for two minutes at a 50% power level than to microwave something at a 100% power level for two minutes.

Suppose you are microwaving Saran Wrap with food for a period of time longer than 5 minutes, microwave the food in 5-minute intervals with one-minute breaks in between. This will prevent the food from overheating and potentially melting the Saran Wrap.

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Can you microwave saran wrap? Yes. But make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure that your food is safe to consume.