Write six hundred forty-fivemillion five hundred eighty-four thousandfour hundred sixty-two in standard form. So let's tackle thispiece by piece. So the first part wehave six hundred and forty-five million. So let's think about that. So we have six hundredand forty-five. But it's not just sixhundred forty-five. We have six hundred forty-fivemillions. So we could view that as645 times 1,000,000. One million is one followedby six zeroes. So this piece right here isthis right over here. That is six hundred andforty-five million. And what is that whenwe write it out? If we were to multiply thisout, this is equal to-- it would be 645 times this 1 withsix zeroes behind it. So this would be equal to 600--I'll write it like this. This is equal to 645, and thenwe have our six zeroes. One, two, three, one,two, three. That's just this partof the number. And I'm going to do it kindof slow and do all of the different parts of the problem,but once you get some practice, you'll find that theseare a bit second nature, and you won't have to go throughall of these steps. You'll just be able towrite the number. Now, let's move onto the next part. We have five hundredand eighty-four. Let me write that down. Well, I'll write it like this. 584 thousand. So let me write the thousand. So 584 thousand. So it's 584 times 1,000. And what's that goingto look like? So that's this wholepart right here. So 584 times 1,000is equal to what? Well, it's going to be 584 withthree zeroes behind it, or you could view it as 584times the 1, and then you're going to have three zeroesin the final answer. So it's going to be 584,000. We have our three zeroesat the end. 584, three zeroes. So that's that part. And then finally, we have fourhundred sixty-two, and that's just 462, straight up. You could view it as 462 ones. So then you justhave 462, which obviously equals just 462. Now our number is allof these combined. It is 645,000,000 and584,000 and 462. So one way to think about itis that you could add these three numbers. So if we were to add them,we get 645,584,462. Now, I said it'll become alittle bit of second nature to you in a little bit, and the wayto think about that, the easiest way to think about that,is millions will have six zeroes behind them,thousands will have three zeroes behind them, and justregular numbers have no zeroes behind them. So what you can do when youkind of want to learn it second nature, you'll just lookat the six hundred and forty-five million, so you'llwrite 645, and you'll kind of keep in the back of your mindthat you're going to have to have six more digits tothe right of this. And then you say five hundredand eighty-four thousand, so then you have your five hundredand eighty-four thousand, so then you write thatdown, 584,000, keeping in mind that you're going toneed three digits to the right of that. And so if they didn't tell us462, we would just put three zeroes here, and that would alsofulfill the six zeroes we need behind 645,000,000.

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But then they tell us 462, so wejust write that right here. 462.