When true love found you, you tend to become more refreshing and extremely promising. You will embrace happiness and choose to live regard less of what life offers you, cause you tend to find great joy knowing someone truly love you. Love is not just a thing of the mouth, Love is beyond words and it’s more of expression. Those who has had the opportunity to fall in love will agree with me that love is one of the sweetest thing life can offer an individual.

Finding a partner is so easy but getting the one that you can share your hopes, fear and dreams with is more challenging. You don’t go out in searching for love, Love comes our way, in a way that we can’t explain. Love is a powerful thing which can make an hungry man filled and a thirsty woman satisfied. Do you feel butterfly in your tummy and you want your partner to know how deeply you feel for them in words. You want them to know, You love them more than every thing life have offered you.

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Here are few lovely I love You Than quotes which you can forward to your partner.

#1: I love you more than the morning star cause my life will be bright-less without your love.

#2: Loving you mean more than loving myself to me cause without you there can never be me.

#3: I love you more than the richness and the good things of the world. I won’t be able to enjoy anything life has to offer me without you there by my side.

#4: As the day passes and week becomes months, your love keep getting more refreshed in my heart and I discovered how meaning less the world will mean to me if you are not by my side.

#5: Come rain come sunshine the love I have for you will always be my major priority against every other involvement in my world. I love you more the world itself.

#6: I love you more than the success and greatness of the world. Without you in it my success wouldn’t count.

#7: I love you more than Jesus love his disciples.

#8: I love you more than the word Love it self. The word love is so overrated to the kind of Love I have for you.

#9: I love you more than the way a mother will love her new born baby. Everyday you look like a new born in my eyes.

#10: I love you more than the way I express it, I have searched for the best word to qualify my love for you but none seems perfect.

#11: You took my breathe away. I love you more than the whole world. You remain one in a trillion in my life.

#12: I love you more than myself, to me my time stop clicking without you here by My side. What’s a heart without a beat. You are the beat in my heart. Without you in it, my heart stop beating automatically.

#13: My words failed me whenever I try to confess my love to you. I love you more than every words could describe.

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#14: Loving you has become a natural thing to me. I love you more than my actions could ever show you.

#15: I love you more than the sea loves the water that flows in it. Without you in my life, my life will be like a dry sea.