(Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x3 I... I can`t get this memories out of my mind. And some kind of Madness, Has started to evolve, mmn. And I... I tried so hard to let you go. But some kind of Madness, Is swallowing me whole, yeh. I have finally seen the light. And I... have finally realized. What you mean... And now, I need to know if it`s real love. Or is it just Madness, Keeping us afloat, mmm. And when I look back, at all the crazy fights we have, Like some kind of M-m-madness, Was taking control, yeh. < les-grizzlys-catalans.org from: http://www.les-grizzlys-catalans.orgmode.com/les-grizzlys-catalans.org/m/muse/madness.html >And now I have finally seen the light, And I... have finally realized, What you need, mmm. (Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x2 And now I have finally seen the end, (I have seen the end) And I`m... I`m expecting you to care, (Expecting you to care) And I... have finally seen the light, (Have finally seen the light) And I... have finally realized, (Realized) (I NEED TO LOVE) x2 Capture me, Trust in your dream, Come on and rescue me. Yes, I know, I can`t move on, Baby, you`re too head-strong. Our love is... (Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x4

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