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was inspired by the divorce that frontman Tyler Connolly went through in 2010, and this song finds him stirring up a storm of emotions arising from the relationship breakdown. "There are a lot of lyrics that came from going through the roughest period of my life," he said regarding the record. "I don"t think I"ve ever been that beat up physically and emotionally. It took me awhile to get better, but as a result, this record is the best work that we"ve done."
If I Could Turn Back TimeCher

According to the song"s writer, Diane Warren, Cher hated the song and she had to force it on her by holding her leg down during a session until she recorded it.

Big LoveFleetwood Mac

"Big Love" is a showcase song for Lindsey Buckingham and the first single from Fleetwood Mac"s 1987 album Tango In The Night, but he left the group soon after the album was released and the band didn"t perform it live until he returned 10 years later.

Detroit Rock CityKiss

Kiss sing about "movin" fast on 95" in "Detroit Rock City," but I-95 doesn"t go through Detroit (I-75 does) so they published the lyric as "Movin" fast, doin" 95."

Hound DogElvis Presley

The songwriting team Leiber and Stoller wrote "Hound Dog" for a blues singer named Big Mama Thronton, who first recorded the song in 1953. Elvis covered it in 1956, and it became his biggest hit.

Cathy"s ClownThe Everly Brothers

The first single to simultaneously top the UK and US charts was The Everly Brothers" "Cathy"s Clown" in May 1960.

PhotographEd Sheeran

Ed Sheeran thought he wrote the x track "Photograph" on 6th Street in Denver, so he got a tattoo saying 6 ST. But when he returned it turned out the street was actually 6th Avenue.

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Tom Bailey of Thompson TwinsSongwriter Interviews

Tom stopped performing Thompson Twins songs in 1987, in part because of their personal nature: "Hold Me Now" came after an argument with his bandmate/girlfriend Alannah Currie.

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)Songwriter Interviews

The former Metallica bassist talks about his first time writing a song with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has changed his songwriting.

Little Big TownSongwriter Interviews

"When seeds that you sow grow by the wicked moon/Be sure your sins will find you out/Your past will hunt you down and turn to tell on you."

Bob DaisleySongwriter Interviews

Bob was the bass player and lyricist for the first two Ozzy Osbourne albums. Here"s how he wrote songs like "Crazy Train" and "Mr. Crowley" with Ozzy and Randy Rhoads.

Todd RundgrenSongwriter Interviews

Todd Rundgren explains why he avoids "Hello It"s Me," and what it was like producing Meat Loaf"s Bat Out of Hell album.

Colbie CaillatSongwriter Interviews

Since emerging from MySpace with her hit "Bubbly," Colbie has become a top songwriter, even crafting a hit with Taylor Swift.