Moving a person who’s sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to wake him/her up. There are sleep senses that stay alert in case of an emergency. This act, therefore, allows you to move either your baby or sleeping partner without interfering with their sleep.

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Therefore, you don’t have to worry about moving your baby who’s sleeping in the wrong position. Use the following guide to move your loved ones without disturbing his/her sleep. You need to make sure the person you want to touch is in a deep sleep; test first.

Touching someone without waking him/her

Now, let’s have a look at some possible scenarios where you’re likely to touch people without waking them up. The everyday situations are primarily applicable when you want to move or feel an individual without interfering with his/her sleep.

Your baby

Here is another reason that we need to touch people without waking them up. If you are working in a healthcare facility, you know how hectic it is to unintentionally awake a patient. These patients might serve severe injuries and pain; they tend to have a sensitive sleep because of medications. No one would even wish to wake them up, but some reasons may force you to do so:

For equipment adjustment; if you’re dealing with a very active sleeper, touching them is inevitable to adjust items like cords and tubes wired to them. Changing these equipment is necessary from time to time. Take your time, and don’t do it faster. Use a patch where necessary; in situations where you intend to replace the dropper tube.

For inspecting vital signs; You are required to maintain constant contact with where you are applying pressure. Don’t move too quickly or twitch your hands; you may end up waking up the individual. For temperature check, gently place your palm on the patient’s forehead and gradually apply pressure for some seconds.

For transferring the patient; You are advised to begin with a gentle touch and then advance the pressure slowly while moving the individual to a specific position. Ensure your motions are smooth and don’t cease to maintain constant contact with the patient.

Frequently asked questions:

What are some of the ways that can wake me up without interrupting my partner?

There are multiple ways, but the prominent ones are; using wake-up lights, smart watches, a bed-shaking alarm, acoustic sheep Headphones, Bose Sleepbuds, etc.

Can you feel when being touched while in sleep?

Yes, that’s what we call tactile hallucinations. You feel as if somebody is touching yet not.

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Final words

Adjusting the sleeping position of your sleeping partner, baby, patient, or snoozing folk is now easier. Sometimes we intend to touch them, but they accidentally wake up; it’s so disgusting, especially for nurses. But, the above tricks should educate you on how you can touch and move someone who’s sleeping without interrupting their sleep.