How many people have you invited to the party? Combien de personnes avez-vous invitées à la soirée ?

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The people should decide whether or not to go to war. La population doit décider s’il faut ou pas aller en guerre.
people is usually plural: The people waiting at the airport were impatient.people is singular, and has the plural peoples, when it means a nation: a defeated people; the peoples of eastern Europe.
Thus, it is possible that the individuals discussed in this article formed single-person households for the purposes of taxation, but physically lived with other people.
This is not to say, it must be noted, that interference with people"s disvaluable goals is necessarily permitted.
The reasonable person standard enjoys a certain sort of objectivity, insofar as it protects people from each other.
Others are reputed physically to capture people and to lock them up in secret places until they can hand them over to their white masters.
Activities that have large starting capital requirements are pursued by relatively few people but yield lucrative returns.
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