(=perceive meaning of)  <+person, words, language> comprendre → I don"t understand what you are talking about.   → She could barely understand a word of English.   → Can you say that again? I can"t understand you.   I don"t understand this word.  Je ne comprends pas ce mot. Do you understand German?  Vous comprenez l"allemand? Is that understood?  C"est compris? → I don"t want to hear another word about it. Is that understood, Emma?   to make o.s. understood  se faire comprendre → He was speaking poor English, trying to make himself understood.   
  <+events, situation, process> comprendre 
→ He didn"t understand genetics.   They are too young to understand what is going on.  Ils sont trop jeunes pour comprendre ce qui se passe. 
  <+person, feelings> comprendre 
His wife doesn"t understand him.  Sa femme ne le comprend pas. My husband and I understand each other very well  Nous nous comprenons très bien mon mari et moi 
 (=believe) croire comprendre 
→ I understand that he"s just taken early retirement   I understand that she has several aunts.  Je crois comprendre qu"elle a plusieurs tantes. it is understood the ...  il est entendu que ... → it is understood that ministers are likely to go harder on this line over the next few days.   he is understood to be in Italy  il serait apparemment en Italie → He was understood to be reluctant to take over   to give sb to understand that  laisser entendre à qn que I was given to understand the ...  on m"a laissé entendre que ... 
 to be understood  (=be agreed tacitly) être entendu → It was understood that you kept your mouth shut about such meetings   I thought it was understood you wouldn"t come after midnight.  Je croyais qu"il était entendu que vous ne viendriez pas après minuit. No names were mentioned, everything was understood.  Aucun nom n"a été mentionné, tout s"est dit à mots couverts. 

Yes, I understand that.Very well.

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Oui, je comprends cela.Très bien.
23 THE WITNESS: Yes, I understand that.Mr.
14 LE TÉMOIN : Oui, je comprends.
Yes, I understand what I have to do.
Oui, je sais ce que j"ai à faire, je vous assure.
Yes, I understand very well.
Oui, je sais très bien ce que je fais.
Yes, I understand the analogy.
Oui, j"ai compris la référence.
Yes, I understand, but...
Oui, j"ai compris, mais...

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